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- Hey guys, it's Natasha of NatashasKitchen.com
Today I'm gonna show you how to easily chop an onion.
And onions might make you cry,
but did you know they are considered a superfood?
Yes, the onion a superfood!
It does awesome things like help lower cholesterol,
lowers blood pressure and tons
of other great health benefits.
First let's talk about how to choose an onion.
So when you read a recipe, it always says
either small onion, medium, large, a jumbo onion.
What does that all mean?
Let's go over that real quick.
A small quarter pound onion yields half a cup chopped.
A medium half pound onion yields one cup chopped.
A large three-quarter pound onion
yields a cup and a half chopped
and a jumbo onion is one pound and yields two cups chopped.
Sharpen your knife before you start cutting into your onion
because a sharp knife prevents tears.
So what we're gonna do first
is cut off the end of your onion.
Make sure to leave the root part intact
all the way till the end.
Once you've cut the end off,
go ahead and cut your onion in half.
Again leave that root part intact.
Then go ahead and pill off the top skin of each onion.
And some time if that first layer is ugly,
I just take it off, I don't mess with it.
And do that with both sides.
Should be pretty easy to take off.
So then you have your two halves.
Slice through your onion but make sure
not to go all the way to the roots.
Then you're gonna cut it down the center a couple of times.
This one ensures smaller diced onion.
Then pull your onion together and keeping your fingers safe,
meaning your fingers need to be parallel to your knife,
so you don't slice off a finger while doing this,
that would be bad, and then just slice your onion
depending on how thick you like your onion slice.
I like tiny tiny onion slices.
And there you have it,
beautifully chopped finely diced onion.
They're awesome?
And that was so easy!
So I hope that this inspires you
to use more onion in your cooking.
And visit NatashasKitchen.com
to find some great recipes to use onion.
And I'm crying!
If you have any ideas on how to prevent the tearing factor,
besides having a sharp knife,
please let me know as that would be awesome.


How to Chop an Onion Like a Pro - Natasha's Kitchen

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