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  • Ah hello, you've caught me having five minutes.


  • I'm about to start making bacon and onion Roly Poly Pudding. It's a cheap, savoury pudding

    ベーコンと玉ねぎで うず巻きプディングを作ります 安上がりで塩味の蒸し料理です

  • and ideal for the servants hall at Audley End House. And it's the kind of dish that


  • I grew up eating.


  • It's easy, you just put it in a pot and leave it at the back of the range. For this recipe


  • you will need:


  • Flour, beef suet, a generous pinch of salt, mushrooms, bacon, a small onion, some cold

    小麦粉 200g 牛の肉スェット(油脂)75g 塩ひとつまみ適量

  • water and lard for frying.

    小ぶりの玉ねぎ・マッシュルーム・ベーコン 200g 冷たい水 炒め用ラード 大さじ2

  • First a simple, robust pastry that is easy to make without any fuss.

    簡単です かためのパイ生地を どたばたせずに作れます

  • Mix the flour, with the suet and add a good pinch of salt.

    小麦粉 スエット ひとつまみの塩を混ぜます

  • Then add water, a little at a time, to make a stiff but not too sticky paste.

    少しずつ水を加え あまり硬くない生地を作ります

  • Then set it aside somewhere cool.


  • Now it is time for the filling. You can put almost anything in. Sausage meat stuffing

    詰め物をします 具材はなんでもよいです

  • filling is really nice.

    ソーセージの詰め物は おいしいです

  • Mary-Anne has already prepared my ingredients. She's chopped the mushrooms, the bacon and

    マリーアンは材料を準備してくれました マッシュルーム ベーコン

  • the onions.

    そして 玉ねぎ

  • So I'll just mix them up.


  • Roll out the pastry into a rectangle - make sure you use plenty of flour to stop it from

    パイ生地は長方形に伸ばしますー くっつかないように 充分に小麦粉をひきましょう

  • sticking.

    鍋の大きさより数センチ 少ない長さで作ります

  • Make sure that it is smaller than the width of your pan by a couple of inches.

    見た目は気にせずです 使用人の賄いですので

  • It doesn't matter how it looks, as this is for the servants. But I will make sure there's


  • plenty of filling.

    広げますが 生地の端までいかないように

  • Spread it out, but not quite to the edges.

    生地をきっちりと巻きます ボウルに用意した水が役立ちます

  • Roll up the pudding tightly. It's useful to have a bowl of water handy as you can use


  • the water to seal the edges.


  • As with all puddings cooked in a cloth the wrapping is very important. Make sure for

    布巾にたっぷりと小麦粉をまぶします 塩味のあるローリー・ポーリー・プディングですが

  • this one you put plenty of flour on the cloth. Naturally, this is a savoury Roly Poly Pudding,


  • but you could use fruit puree or jam.

    ある人たちは 袖のプディングと呼びます お古のシャツ袖を利用したからです

  • Some people call this shirt sleeve pudding because they make it in old shirt sleeves.

    屍の足と呼ぶのも 聞いたことがあります

  • I've even heard people call it dead mans leg.

    沸騰した鍋の湯に プディングを入れます

  • Now the pudding needs to go into a pan of boiling water.

    沸騰した鍋の湯に 1時間半ゆでます

  • Put the pudding in a pan of boiling water and leave it there for about an hour and a


  • half. It doesn't matter if it's a little longer than that.


  • Just make sure it's kept at a rolling boil.

    プディングを蒸した熱々で出せます ですが オードリー・エンド邸の使用人たちは

  • You could serve the pudding hot straight away. But here at Audley End House we servants like


  • it fried.

    冷ましておいたので 布巾をほどきます

  • So, I've let this cool and now it's time to unwrap it.


  • And now I am going to fry it.

    両面を焼きます バターまたはラードで焼くと 美味しく仕上がります

  • Fry each slice lightly on both sides. You can fry it in butter or for a really delicious


  • taste use lard. Mmmm, smells divine.

    いただきましょう ローリー・ポーリー・プディング

  • And there you have it. Roly poly pudding.


  • Mmm.

Ah hello, you've caught me having five minutes.



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Rolyポリプリンを作る方法 - ビクトリア朝の方法 (How to Make Roly Poly Pudding - The Victorian Way)

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