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  • Hey, dudes, I'm Highland and today, on highly cooking, it's Christmas around the world.

  • But we're staying right here in the good old U.

  • S.

  • Of A.

  • I'm gonna show you how to make rum balls or bourbon balls would celebrate two of America's favorite pastimes drinking and testicles.

  • Okay, so these air not really unique to the U.

  • S.

  • But they're very popular here in the U.

  • S.

  • And especially in the South, you'll see rum balls need with bourbon in the mid become bourbon balls.

  • So that's enough, Shane.

  • Today, if you want to use rum or brandy ah, you can use either of those.

  • Whisky probably don't use tequila or vodka, but anyway, they all kind of start out the same way with a mixture of really, really finally crumbled cookies.

  • I'm using vanilla wafers in the case and nuts, and I'm using pecans in this case because that's a very traditional Southern thing.

  • This rescue comes from my friends, Steph, who's from Maryland, and she usually uses cashews, um, and bourbon, but and there's a really good too, but keep it in the sales.

  • So I've got that in here, and I just crumbled it really really finally with a blender.

  • But you could use food processor or just chop it by hand like they would have done in the old days and some powdered sugar.

  • You're really sweet, but because they're uncooked, the alcohol doesn't cookout, so you still get that really sharp bite of booze.

  • So it kind of balances out the sweetness and a little bit of cocoa powder, and most recipes call for corn syrup.

  • I'm going to use some honey just cause I don't wanna I don't need a whole lot You need, like, a tablespoon.

  • And I don't want to buy a whole thing of corn syrup that I don't really use that often.

  • So use corn syrup or honey, you just kind of get this mixed up, and these are often people will make him like the beginning of the Christmas season.

  • And then you can keep him at room temperature and airtight container for, um, a couple of weeks, and they're actually kind of get better for the first couple of weeks as the age, so you could probably keep him for about a month, actually, good.

  • And then I've got my bourbon.

  • So in about 1/2 a cup of this.

  • You can sometimes squeeze them a little bit more if you want an extra boozy.

  • But start with half a cup, and then if it seems like the mixture can take it, then add a little extra glug.

  • A love, right?

  • Mmm.

  • Smells like Christmas at Grandma's house.

  • See?

  • So it still seems a little dry Fortunately for me, So I am gonna add an extra little blur.

  • What?

  • Because if you wanted to, you could add vanilla extract or cinnamon or something like that.

  • But I like to keep it simple.

  • Okay, Awesome.

  • So now all that's left to d'oh is roll some little balls and rolling and powdered sugar and the powdered sugar kind of like, sets them and keeps the alcohol from evaporating, which is good for me and you guys.

  • So for rolling, I've got about an extra cup of powdered sugar here on a small plate, and a big plate was gonna dust it lightly with some powdered sugar.

  • And this is what I will set the world balls on so they don't stick to the plate, just like so.

  • I'm using my little Kiki ski.

  • You could use a spoon and I'm These are kind of big These air, bigger than steps makes stuff makes them.

  • But, um I don't know, uh, I don't know if that means anything.

  • You could make it whatever size you want, Really?

  • So just kind of roll him in here once.

  • It's a little coded, you can use your hands.

  • This is a little bit neater way to do it.

  • And then we're gonna set it on this plate, and you could also roll them in like, coconut or more cocoa if you wanted to, like, maybe make it look a little bit different.

  • So once all your balls are old and your hands look like Officer peuple fingers were gonna put these in the fridge and try not to eat them all immediately.

  • You should, um, refrigerated for at least two hours to let the flavors combine and stuff.

  • And like I said, you can keep him for as long as like, a month.

  • So I will see you back when these air nice and refrigerated.

  • Or maybe I'll see you back before then because I just can't wait to get some booze and me.

  • Okay, so here sound that I made a couple of days ago.

  • You can see what they look like now.

  • They're they firmed up in there.

  • Um, really delicious.

  • If you like this recipe, also check out my homemade Cracker Jack recipe for another, I think very American Christmas thing.

  • It's good to have around us snacks.

  • If you have, like, surprise guests and stuff during the Chris Must Season Christmas season, anyway.

  • And for more Christmas cookies, check out my holiday cookies.

  • Look, look, you can order it on the Internet for you can get it in a book before format so you don't have to wait to get cookies.

  • All right.

  • Thank you so much for watching visit isla cooking dot com for this principle recipe.

  • And I'm also gonna put up for my family is traditional Christmas menu.

  • Aren't you curious about that with my So check out highly dot com and I'm gonna check out the inside of this super cleaning.

  • You've got a very strong flavor.

  • Really good.

  • They're not kids, but that means more for grownups.

  • All right.

  • Thank you for watching.

Hey, dudes, I'm Highland and today, on highly cooking, it's Christmas around the world.


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