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  • Paul Manafort: an experienced political consultant

  • with a history of lobbying.

  • Some people might term it influence-peddling.”

  • Including for some foreign dictators

  • and human rights violators.

  • He’s also Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman.

  • Now, he has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

  • So what happened?

  • Manafort worked on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign

  • for five months in 2016.

  • By August he was out amid scandal.

  • Some breaking news here

  • Campaign chairman Paul Manafort

  • has resigned

  • over the last several weeks

  • there had been story after story

  • that links Donald Trump’s campaign manager

  • to one of Vladimir Putin’s buddies.”

  • Reports had surfaced of Manafort’s business dealings

  • with Russian-aligned leaders in Ukraine

  • and secret lobbying efforts in the United States.

  • Fast forward to 2017.

  • So help me God.”

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller

  • was appointed to oversee the investigation

  • into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia

  • and any other wrongdoing he caught along the way.

  • Mueller’s team alleged

  • that Manafort engaged in a tax and bank fraud scheme

  • that allowed him to hide millions of dollars

  • from consulting work he did in Ukraine.

  • So what are the charges?

  • Manafort was convicted on eight counts

  • of financial fraud in one case in Northern Virginia.

  • In a separate case, Mueller charged Manafort

  • with two counts of conspiracy.

  • He agreed to cooperate and pleaded guilty.

  • But it was later ruled that he had deceived prosecutors

  • about a few things, including his interactions

  • with a Russian associate, a breach of his plea deal.

  • So what’s next?

  • Manafort has now been sentenced in both cases.

  • He has also agreed to give up cash and property,

  • including five homes in New York.

  • Of the half dozen former Trump associates prosecuted by Mueller,

  • Manafort received the harshest punishment yet.

Paul Manafort: an experienced political consultant


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ポール・マナフォートとは? (Who Is Paul Manafort? | NYT News)

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