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  • (Cheery music)

  • (Elevator opens)

  • - Hi my name is Richard. - And I'm Christine

  • - This is Emmy. - And this is Sophie

  • And we brought the pickled daikon. And hopefully people will enjoy it.

  • Hello my name is Pong. I brought Korean japchae

  • Which is a classic Korean style potato noodle.

  • I'm from Thailand so I made a twisted version.

  • With Northern Larb spices so it should be spicy and very savory.

  • We've been waiting a long time for this. Some could even say we've been fermenting for all this time.

  • Ten years for Maangchi on YouTube that's amazing!

  • And now without further ado, the soul of Korean cooking, Maangchi!

  • Hello! Thank you, thank you for coming.

  • Yes, I'm fermented for ten years on YouTube. (cheering)

  • You guys brought a lot of lot of good food.

  • Made with love, I know that!

  • I want you to have a great time today.

  • Memorable time, so who knows? Ten years after, I will have another event here

  • At that time I will be old

  • "Hey guys, thank you for coming!"

  • "Oh my arthritis is bothering me, but I brought kimchi!"

  • One thing in common, what is it?

  • All of us love Korean food and you can cook at home. That's very key point!

  • So I want you to make friends, don't be shy.

  • Let's eat! (Cheering)

  • (music plays)

  • My name's Elmo and I brought daikon and honeycrisp apple kimchi and some buchu kimchi.

  • Both are based on Maangchi's recipes.

  • I also brought some dongchimi but I didn't think to cut it up before I got here, so it's a little too big to serve.

  • Hi name is Bridget, I live in Brooklyn and a I made sesame seed candies.

  • My name is James Strange and I'm here at Maangchi's ten year celebration

  • and I brought a dish called golbaungi-muchim.\

  • It's a spicy whelks with vegetables and stuff, it's really a good drinking dish and it's perfect for soju.

  • Hi my name is Jasmine, today I brought japchae for everyone. I'm from Brooklyn, New York

  • and I've been watching Maangchi's channel since 2011 actualy

  • So I'm a longtime fan and I'm really happy to be here.

  • (drumming)

  • (Drumming intensifies)

  • (Yelping)

  • (Cheering)

  • (Yelps)

  • This is great to release your stress, number one!

  • Did you have a great time? - Yes!

  • Food was awesome!

  • All of you guys are so passionate.

  • Got up early morning. "Oh, I'm going to Maangchi's event!"

  • This is Saturday morning. "Instead of relaxing with my family, I want to go there!"

  • "But I need to cook to impress people."

  • Probably you must have thought a lot about how to make it look appetizing.

  • Presentation, and you just carried all the way.

  • Keep cooking, and also keep being interested in delicious food.

  • Make your delicious homemade food make your life happy.

  • Thank you! (Cheering)

  • - Go home safely!

  • Ok boxing! (laughs)

(Cheery music)


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マァンチの10周年記念ポットラックパーティー (Maangchi's 10th anniversary potluck party)

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