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  • Hey this is Tate Taylor, director of Ma.”

  • Not today.

  • Not today.

  • Come on, sweetie.”

  • This is the scene wheremost teenagers will remember

  • that moment where they tried to get an adult

  • to buy them alcohol.

  • We see here that Octavia’s in some kind of scrubs with

  • a three-legged dog, which is a little bit of foreshadowing

  • a maimed beast.

  • And this is when Maggie meets Sue Ann for the first time

  • sheer chance.”

  • You want to spend the night in jail?

  • Does that sound fun to you?”

  • But just by chance, she sees the writing

  • on this van the kids are driving

  • Hawkins Security.

  • And we later figure out, throughout the course

  • of the movie, the name Hawkins awoke something

  • in Sue Ann, something that’s been asleep

  • for a very, very long time.

  • And she puts it together.

  • And there’s a hint that maybe this kid could possibly

  • be a link to her past, so she’s intrigued.”

  • “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself

  • if you got into an accident.”

  • Oh, well, I’m driving and I don’t drink.

  • We were just gonna go to the rock pile for a little bit,

  • I promise.”

  • “I know where that is.

  • Shoot.

  • We used to hang out there all the time when I was a kid.”

  • So she decides that, O.K., I’m

  • gonna buy alcohol for these kids

  • and just keep seeing what’s happening.

  • If this is what I think it is, I want in.”

  • Hell.

  • Hold this dog.”

  • Yes!”

  • So it’s like a monster that’s been asleep,

  • and this is the moment that it’s woken up.

  • And in many ways, I like to think if Carrie in the movie

  • Carriehad not burned everybody alive,

  • and she had somehow repressed her trauma

  • and gone on to live, what would

  • have happened if, later in life,

  • that trauma resurfaced?”

  • “O.K. They didn’t have whatever Fireball is so,

  • I got Aftershock.

  • The man said it’s the same thing This never

  • happened, O.K.?”

  • Thanks again for — “

  • “I really wanted to pump up the nostalgia, the innocence,

  • those crazy summers when kids had nothing to do.

  • It just feels innocent.

  • And as a director, and knowing how

  • loved Octavia is as an actor, I wanted it to be fun.

  • I wanted the audience to feel like they were those kids,

  • and they were pulling wool over her eyes,

  • and they were getting away with something.”

  • Hey!”

  • Oh my god!”

  • Your change.

  • I’m not some thug.”

  • It’s the genre.

  • I wanted to have fun with it, and a wink and a nod

  • to the movies of the past that we all love.”

Hey this is Tate Taylor, director of Ma.”


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オクタヴィア・スペンサーが「Ma」でダークな展開を見せる|シーンの解剖学 (Watch Octavia Spencer Take a Dark Turn in ‘Ma’ | Anatomy of a Scene)

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