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What's up, guys?
Overdoing what?
So Marriott hit me up and they're like, Hey, do you want to go to Santa Clara and just explore the town?
And I like, yes.
So I got four.
Not Santa Clara and I tried to go to its many places as possible.
How do you start the trip?
All right, You go to a museum.
I learned about some of the culture from museum, for example, they have this huge statue called Our Lady of Peace Shrine.
That's pretty cool.
You know what else is cool, though?
Food stains, donuts.
His local like mom and pop donut shop.
We had to come back to stand doughnut shop for the first time we went.
All the doughnuts were got Senate.
Claire is in the heart of Silicon Valley.
So I hit up the Intel Museum, get my knowledge on.
I learned entirely way too much information about computers that I didn't even know.
Like I still kind of It was cool, though.
From there I went to K one racing.
My sister also company on a trip.
My sister may or may not have beaten me beers thing.
My car, like it was stopping and started because I was, like, going too fast.
Because, you know, I was I'm a peace.
Okay, I lost.
Doughnuts are a huge thing in Santa Clara.
We had to go to another doughnut.
We went to fracture croon, which is said to be like that shop Ole a doughnut.
Good doughnut.
And you put any topping that you want on this doughnut?
There are so many choices.
It was overwhelming.
So, like I just went with one of their favorites called the bacon bomb.
It waas the bomb.
It was phenomenal, to say the least.
And I we even got to meet the owner.
Fractured prune bacon bomb.
Four words that you need in your life.
Finally, the Captain Sharp all were able to hit the farmer's market.
The farmers market at Santa Clara had just about everything, brother.
The hat, strawberries.
They had random fish.
I got a passion fruit, Boba tea, though I got a breakfast burrito.
There was about 29 different meats in the burrito.
Yes, the flavor's suman.
If you're in Santa Claire and you're not going to this farmer's market, what are you doing with your life?
But had a great time in Santa Clara.
One dream or about my travels?
Go over, Mary.
I read the block post.
This is not a game as always, Who got more?
Swag goes Throw me the alley.


Exploring Santa Clara

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