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  • Hi, guys.

  • I'm hit the would Show me the curry dot com And today I'm taking a field trip to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

  • And I'm here with my friend Tyler Johnson from Highly Cooking and Veronica Hill from California Travel Tips.

  • So, girls, I hear that this is the place to be on Wednesday mornings.

  • This is the largest certified farmers market in Southern California and all of L.

  • A's top Chef shop here.

  • Wow!

  • And, yeah, it's hustling and bustling, very colorful, so I can't wait to look around.

  • I know.

  • Let's get started.

  • All right, Way of sugar.

  • Here.

  • She's gonna tell us a little bit about squash blossoms.

  • Okay, so this is washed often, and it's attached to a baby on that you could do with, um I'm actually he's so beautiful.

  • So fresh that I'm really excited to make today.

  • What I'm gonna do with them is stuffed with a little bit of fresh ricotta cheese mixture, little egg and Parmesan cheese, chopped mint on gonna batter them, and almost like a temper type batter, using some kind of like a beer or something busy.

  • But you can also sought a that you can also use them in a salad way.

  • Diego right here and I'm thinking about making a speech.

  • Ginger lust.

  • He's gonna help me pick out a few more smoke this right here.

  • You can tell that it's not green, you know.

  • It's a little firm.

  • It's already right.

  • Richard got the flavor.

  • When it's kind of like this.

  • It's gonna take a couple days to write with.

  • I prefer the bigger sizes more once they're good, but they're not All right.

  • Have a good texture way.

  • Don't like water change?

  • Strawberry.

  • I've never seen these kind of thing.

  • Is also in the wild is called hen of the woods.

  • Cultivated.

  • It's called my talky but same mushroom.

  • Both of these we grow indoors.

  • Would soil obstetricians related to post initials?

  • No, I have a slight sea foodie aroma, and they are very much solid.

  • So here's something you don't see very often.

  • Fresh ginger.

  • So we have key right here.

  • He's gonna tell us some of the uses for this beautiful ginger.

  • Basically the whole thing.

  • The bottom half happy, Thank you.

  • A sharper, sharper flavor.

  • But, uh, strong actually start forsooth normal.

  • Generous.

  • That way.

  • My dad had green Yeah, you find water Mountain?

  • That's what you're actually seen for is that whenever you see people tapping them like this, they're actually the same for an echo.

  • And whenever watermelon gets dead, right, he developed a smaller you're getting them.

  • And if you ever crack right water known to tackle the night and it slips right and that's how you know it's dead, right?

  • And so whenever I'm listening for I'm listening for an echo instead of a and this one has more of a thud.

  • This one has more of an echo, so I think this one is a better one.

  • That's how you Thanks, John.

  • So this is the best part of the Santa Monica farmer's market that it ends in a beautiful beach that is just too much for words.

  • But anyway, thank you so much for joining us on our little field trip.

  • And remember, if you're looking for adult beginner recipes, check out highly cooking and if you're traveling to California and need some tips.

  • California Travel tips with Veronica Thank you so much.

Hi, guys.


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