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- Hey dudes, I'm Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking
I'm gonna show you how to cook bacon in the oven.
This will be a quickie.
(upbeat electronic music)
All right you only need three things.
You need some bacon, and you need a baking sheet,
and you need some parchment paper, or you can use foil.
I like parchment paper, but you just want to
lay out your bacon strips in a single layer
so that they're not touching each other.
I mean, they can be touching each other a tiny bit.
I'm using a thick-cut uncured bacon,
but this technique works with any kind
of bacon that you want to use.
I just happen to like thick-cut bacon,
and I think the best thing about doing bacon in the oven
is, A, it's way less messy than doing it on the stove,
and also you can cook a whole bunch at once,
and if you're doing like a big breakfast thing,
and you already have like potatoes and eggs,
and all that going on on your stove,
then that's just one less thing you have to mess with
on the stove top.
So there we go.
We just put the bacon on like that.
We're gonna put it in a 400 degree oven.
This will probably take 20 to 25 minutes
because it is thick-cut but if you're using
a thinner cut bacon, then by all means,
check it at like 12 or 15 minutes.
(light music)
So, these thick strips of bacon took 25 minutes.
I checked them at 20 and I wanted them
a little bit more done.
It's totally up to you.
I'm just gonna pull these off, and let them drain
on a little paper towel.
I've just got one layer of paper here
on top of a paper bag.
Yay, so now you've got your awesome bacon in the oven.
You can eat it right now while it's hot.
You can let it cool and crumble it into bacon bits.
You can let it cool and refrigerate it,
and heat it up in the microwave later on.
You can do anything you want with it.
I hope that you enjoyed this little learn to cook video.
I'll put it in my learn to cook playlist
with lots of other little tips,
and if you are new to cooking,
or like to support independent authors,
check out my Learn to Cook book.
Thanks so much for watching.
I will see you next week with a new cooking video,
and don't forget to subscribe.
(light music)


How to Cook Bacon in the Oven | Hilah Cooking

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