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  • e.

  • Everybody.

  • Today we are going to make very, very needy and best recipe.

  • You can make this a side dish in five minutes.

  • Today, we're going to make lt mooching seasoned dried anchovies.

  • I'll tell you, identities really tiny and they just the opposite snack.

  • So I'm making my rise and two in gentle Korean fermented So a bean paste.

  • This, too.

  • I have a kimchi off course.

  • There's a side dish.

  • I feel like eating dried anchovies today.

  • So this is Merete, much less that one teaspoon.

  • I have pepper flakes, one teaspoon so resource one teaspoon vinegar.

  • Rice's era only hoedown, he says.

  • The in Korean sweetener so made with rice.

  • So I'm going to add around one teaspoon, and we need one guy so pretty nine years.

  • Just mix where dried anchovies, half cup roasted the sesame sees one cable, sesame oil, too, and mix in this but even more.

  • By doing young today, I will bring this.

  • So why, Whoa, I'm going to show you.

  • How are you?

  • First, I'm going to start with, then gentle Well, I added a lot of seafood of play, and I got this potato in your shrimp.

  • Squid, even talk for this Mirchi much, Jim and then slightly makes thesis my really simple meal.

  • When I'm so hungry, I'm just making rice and kick ass two.

  • And Dempsey is always in the refrigerator.

  • I have dried into the system mixer for decision in source.

  • But this is his seasoning sources.

  • Really?

  • Also today between made it, my team will tune enjoying my recipe.

  • See you next time.



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味付け干しアンチョビ(ミョルチムチム:멸치무침 (Seasoned Dried Anchovies (Myeolchi-muchim: 멸치무침))

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