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  • In many countries, DHL has more locations,

  • more vehicles, and more employees

  • That’s why DHL IS FASTER

  • However to communicate this with a classic advertising campaign

  • is expensive.

  • So why couldn’t the competitors advertise for DHL.

  • For that purpose giant packages were taped all over with Thermo Active foil

  • and cooled down below the freezing point. (-4 C)

  • In this way the competitors picked up a black package that

  • that transformed back at temperatures above freezing

  • and delivered the message in the most beautiful colors.

  • To addresses in the city that were not that easy to find.

  • After all, they were paid reasonably,

  • the result an innovative way to communicate

  • and everyone played along.

  • Well, almost everyone.

  • Thank you very much.

In many countries, DHL has more locations,


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