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  • Hello, everyone.

  • This is Beth of cooking and crafting.

  • Today we're gonna be making a bunt.

  • Roast chicken.

  • It's U two's best for creative things.

  • It's cooking and crap.

  • This is going to be a super super fast one.

  • It is a bunt.

  • Roast chicken.

  • I've preheated my open to 425 degrees.

  • And I've gotten some tin foil, which I am going to be placing over the middle of our want town here.

  • I have some onions that I've chopped up.

  • I have some garlic that I've smashed, and I have some potatoes which will just throw in there.

  • We mostly like Tiu race with ours.

  • But every known annex not bad to have ourselves some, well, these beautiful potatoes in here.

  • And then when I'm done putting all of the skin, I'm gonna line it with some rosemary and thyme.

  • Move in a little bit.

  • So we have our rosemary here and never enough time.

  • It's a little Sprinkle some of it in there, and then we take our chicken, which I have removed being innards from.

  • We're in a place that just like as if we're gonna be placing it on, um of the beer can.

  • You know how they do it?

  • You want my hands here?

  • Okay, so now Sprinkle it with some well of oil, and then I'm going to I'm gonna rub that in, but we're going to do that after I Sprinkle on some.

  • I have some sea salt, fine sea salt.

  • No one would have been sprinkling over him or her then from fresh pepper.

  • And then, um, after I wrote this all in, I am going to be throwing that into my oven for 55 minutes.

  • I want to make sure you get that oil all over everything, because you want a nice, crispy chicken, you know?

  • All right, You just bank your chicken.

  • Yeah.

  • You know what commercial that from?

  • Tell me in the comments below into the oven.

  • It goes by chicken.

  • See you in 55 minutes.

  • The bottom might need a little bit more time there.

  • I did add 10 more minutes because I do have a very big roasting chicken here, but that smells delicious.

  • Everything looks delicious, and I can't wait to eat.

  • There you go.

  • You can make your beer can chicken using a bundt pan.

  • So here you go.

  • bunt Pro Chicken.

  • And don't forget to give me a thumbs up for this video.

  • It truly appreciate it.

  • Thanks for watching.

Hello, everyone.


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バントパンローストチキン (Bundt Pan Roast Chicken)

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