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  • Are you often wondering where to put words like 'usually', 'both', 'only', 'even' etc

  • in your sentence?

  • Confusion about where to put these adverbs can influence your fluency.

  • By learning the correct position of these adverbs you can boost your

  • written and spoken fluency and your confidence.

  • Hello and welcome everyone,

  • this is Minoo at Anglo-Link. As I said in my lesson on word order in

  • English statements. Every language has a special way of putting words together to

  • create a sentence. Once you have learned the basic sentence structure in English

  • the next step is to learn where to put your adverbs. Adverbs are words that give

  • more information about a verb, an adjective, another adverb, a phrase or

  • even a complete sentence. In this lesson we're going to focus on adverbs that

  • modify verbs, such as: already, currently, even, seldom, etc. This is the most

  • important and commonly used group of adverbs. By the end of the lesson you

  • will have developed a feeling for the correct place of these adverbs so you

  • can use them reflexively and naturally. At the end of the lesson I will also

  • tell you about my new self-study program that will assist you to reach your goal

  • to speak and write English fluently through a structured step-by-step methodology .

  • So when you're ready, let's begin this lesson on

  • the place of adverbs in an English sentence.

Are you often wondering where to put words like 'usually', 'both', 'only', 'even' etc


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英語の文における副詞の位置 - 文の構造 (Place of Adverbs in English Sentences - Sentence Structure)

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