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exclusive were at home with a man who became the face of the Corona virus and is now virus free.
I am feeling awesome.
I just I'm so happy to be home.
Carl Goldman fell ill in February while traveling with his wife, Jerry, on a Princess cruise ship in Japan.
The 67 year old was flown to the bio containment facility at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and spent 31 long days in isolation room.
He's sharing video of his sealed off seven by 14 foot room.
Karl said no one entered his bio containment room without wearing a full HAZ mat suit.
His wife was kept in quarantine in another room.
It was heart wrenching.
Incredibly, Jerry did not contract the Corona virus even though her husband did.
Carl says his temperature spiked to 103 degrees, but he felt fine after two days.
Even so, he remained in the bio containment facility.
I've had numerous blood tests.
They swab everything I touch from my iPhone to the computer.
Now that he's finally home in Santa Clarita, California, he's dealing with a new problem.
Death threats from people who believe he could still spread the Corona virus.
The death threats started getting pretty vile, very scary.
We had a call authorities in.
He'll remain in self quarantine, just to be sure.
Meantime, this man is speaking out about the horror of living with the Corona virus.
The virus symptoms are like a roller coaster.
They're up and down and feel good sometimes.
Then you feel like you're gonna die.
55 year old Kevin Harris spoke to Inside Edition from his hospital bed in Ohio.
You know, you're supposed to move.
They say that's gonna help your body heal, but it's choking.
You is taking all your air.
He was admitted 11 days ago.
Kevin says he's finally starting to feel better Now.
I look forward to each day.
I know I'm gonna make it.


Man Who Became Face of Coronavirus Is Finally Home

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 25 日 に公開
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