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Two mg life accidentally stone the home of the British grown Bree.
This is the largest gathering of MG owners in the world.
It's absolutely incredible.
This is the sea of M Jesus.
A sea of steel and chrome and flat caps and beards.
Seemed to be getting quite a lot of stairs.
Maybe they know this isn't a true mg.
Maybe they just like the car.
Let's go find out.
Hello, guys.
You know what I've got is a front line cars.
Is that you know your stuff?
Yeah, we like these.
This is like a border taken.
Plenty is.
Yes, it is.
It is beautiful.
Nice built, but really an empty vase.
Would you have one?
Well, now, because our original like originals.
How much is this?
Well, why don't you guess?
Throw a number out there.
You ground higher cost a fair bit of money, right?
You could have 90 or 100.
Yeah, rescue car like this?
One of these.
What would you go for?
So a mixed bag from the punters.
But what did the club's top brass think?
I've got having been addition outside.
You got his old looking shell with modern in Syria.
What underpinnings brings the two things together?
I think it's fantastic.
Don't you think it kind of ruins the authenticity of the No, not a talk?
Is it true to the spirit of the original?
Well, it's progress is it's keeping the name of MGs going.
I'm always interested to know what MGs would have done.
They'd still be going today.
How cool is this?
I've been invited to take part on this parade.
Laughter MG Life.
At first I thought they might hate the happenings in addition, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
I learned that people in the MG Club they're not elitist.
They just wanna have fun together.
A spot of a group.


The MGB Abingdon Edition at Silverstone | Extra Gear | Top Gear

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