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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curried at home.

  • I'm hip, I'm unusual.

  • And today we're gonna be showing you how to make a very popular and very requested recipe with division.

  • You have to make chili chicken.

  • Very simple recipe.

  • Let's get started.

  • So here we have cuts approximately a pound off chicken and you're using chicken ties boneless, skinless chicken ties.

  • And we've cut them down, too.

  • Might be pieces.

  • And you're going to salt Gonna put some pepper.

  • So this is just very lightly salted because the main flavor and there's gonna be a lot of salt in the sauce are the crazy part of it.

  • And I wanna mix it.

  • And I also have here one and 1/2 tablespoons of cornstarch and he's gonna Sprinkle this over there and mix it through.

  • The courts are so make it a nice little coating on the chicken as we saute it.

  • And also, it's gonna give a nice glaze e effect at the end.

  • So most recipes for chili chicken that you've had you've seen at restaurants the chicken is actually deep fried.

  • But you know, we're making this at home for family.

  • And who wants to use all that oil to pry this chicken, and then you're going to throw that oil out.

  • So in terms of wasting oil and in terms of health benefits, also, we don't have a lot of fried foods.

  • We're choosing not to be bridis recipe, but if you want it deep, fry it.

  • You know it's absolutely possible you could just deep fried into the pain.

  • It's also for the chili Chicken.

  • We have these nice dried red chillies, and what we're gonna do is just take some scissors and chop them down.

  • And what this does is basically mixes the flavor the chili's throughout the dish as well as release some of those seeds, which so now that we've got a chicken prepped and a lot of our ingredients back, we've gotta walk heating up in the back with some oil in it.

  • So let's get back to the store.

  • We have four tablespoons of oil heating up on medium to high heat, and we're gonna drop in the chicken and we're gonna try and spread it out so it doesn't clump up together and try and put it directly into the oil so that it gets a little bit of oil, and it doesn't catch to the side and doesn't get dried up.

  • When you mix, it gets evenly cooked and even recorded in the oil, and they're gonna cook it uncovered until the chicken is cooked.

  • All the truth.

  • The chicken looks down.

  • We've been stirring it constantly, making sure it all separate and does not clump up together.

  • We've actually cut one through the center to make sure the chicken is not pink inside and that maybe, no, it's ensure that's cooked all the way through.

  • You're gonna pull all the chicken to the side, drain out all the excess oil.

  • Keep it in a platter in the same oil.

  • Glad in the driver, cheese loving to put just a little bit 32nd head start that the chili's released some labor.

  • And to God, we're gonna add in two tablespoons of ginger Today, Lisbon's a garlic and green chilies slipped to taste, and we're gonna let this make sure cook for about just a minute.

  • You know, one and half a medium onion, chopped approximately one belt that he's chosen to use three different colors, but you can use anyone in a mix and cook it for about a minute.

  • The flame is all know medium to high plane.

  • Chinese cooking is always done.

  • That baby want vegetables to remain crunchy and not become.

  • I'm done listening.

  • Even add three tablespoons of sauce or to taste.

  • Two tablespoons of sambo are any kind of chili sauce and one tablespoon of vinegar mixes I'm not gonna add in chicken.

  • You had another toss.

  • You're gonna toss it until all the sauce gets incorporated well, and it becomes a nice glistening mixture, and the chicken has time to repeat as well.

  • You can see the sauce is all about you.

  • That's how you want.

  • It must step with spring onions well done on the stall and just give it one fine with us, and it's ready to serve so our political is ready.

  • How good is Look why the different colored bear pepper?

  • Just give us a visual treat.

  • And, of course, if you're chicken lover, there's no that's not stopping you, So I want to give it a shot.

  • Now this has to be eaten right off the stove.

  • It's the best when it's absolutely fresh.

  • No order to have a hot boat, huh?

  • Writer?

  • Now again.

  • It's chilly chicken.

  • It's a healthy former chilly chicken that we like, that it was not fried, and you know it's it's gonna give you the seeing, that flavor and just this flavor, and you don't have to worry about throwing out all that oil.

  • It's really good, though.

  • We have actually put like very I would say my medium spices.

  • So if you wantto scale it up and down, it's entirely up to you.

  • You can add on more sambal, you can add a little green chilies.

  • You know, sometimes it's going to be a question, something that's super spicy and sometimes that nothing.

  • So, you know, skin it up to your standard with clay Was there not just Jimmy?

  • It's the ginger, the Codec, the soy sauce, chicken.

  • It's just a great combination.

  • You can have it with fried rice.

  • You can have with noodles.

  • Um, so versatile if you'd like.



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