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  • George don't know what's about.

  • To hit the ball is disgraceful.

  • That bull did not go out ground.

  • They're cheating that look like it touched back to me.

  • Run that back.

  • Who's our special teams?

  • Coordinated.

  • That's that conversion.

  • No, I gotta take to beat us.

  • Didn't run another one back basketball school.

  • I won't be running the balm.

  • Or did we just call five passes in a row?

  • Can't handle the load.

  • So much love.

  • One more week to Urban's bag might need a new quarterback.

  • We play Arizona everywhere you don't lose 32 on around.

  • Got to shock the world, baby.

  • Better move office.

  • Tennessee.

  • Kentucky is holding every play.

  • Here we go.

  • Hard boomer sooner rebuilding Tyler Marie's winning to hide.

  • Why don't you know that?

  • Antonio Reid Nebraska loss.

  • Interesting Stop.

  • Made that field goal you can review feel golfer.

  • Defense is a Trojan.

  • We like Southern Illinois.

  • Score 40 points.

  • Leave it all on the grass like this.

  • Other shots is gonna be doing a lot of pushing.

  • Wasting.

  • Khalil takes talent way struggling against Pitt lost.

  • Why can't you review feel gold?

  • It's clearly, and Davis was wide open on the two point conversion interception I've ever seen in my life, but it wasn't pretty, but I'll take Kentucky is faking injuries again.

  • Run!

  • Mom!

  • McElwain's Pamela Undo all McElwain's car.

  • She was losing to Sam.

  • How are we losing to Sam for fire?

  • Willie Tagger, you are the best school in Florida again.

  • Under old turnover chain Better.

  • We're winning the national championship.

  • Come on, Sam.

  • Fire Eyes is taking them so long to spot the ball.

  • Hashtag fire!

  • Really tagger You want good, but you have to turn over backpack.

  • They want to be like a sow back five yards here.

  • Why don't we go for it on fourth light?

  • What's collapsed?

  • I've ever seen you ever turn over back.

  • I guess they better not lose.

  • That was blocking the way we were so close.

  • Never been so excited to be deaf CST, but almost lost his almost lost to Sanford.

  • Don't lost to Kentucky.

  • Do you want to talk about that?

  • Listen, Kentucky might just be good.

  • Kentucky might be good this year.

  • We don't know.

  • We don't know.

  • But what we do know is you almost lost Sanford.

  • Disgusting!

  • I'm done.

  • I'm done.

  • I'm a grown man.

  • Wait!

George don't know what's about.


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