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  • TIM DAVIS: Dance Like enables you to learn

  • how to dance on a mobile phone.

  • CHRIS MCCLANAHAN: TensorFlow can take our smartphone camera

  • and turn it into a powerful tool for analyzing body pose.

  • ANDREW SELLE: We have team at Google

  • that had developed an advanced model

  • for doing pose segmentation.

  • So we were able to take their implementation,

  • convert it into TensorFlow Lite.

  • Once we had it there, we could use it directly.

  • SHIKHAR AGARWAL: To run all the AI and machine learning

  • models to detect body parts, it's

  • a very computationally expensive process,

  • where we need to use the on-device GPU.

  • TensorFlow library made it possible so

  • that we can leverage all these resources, the compute,

  • on the device and give a great user experience.

  • ANDREW SELLE: Teaching people to dance

  • is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Anything that involves movement would be a great candidate.

  • TIM DAVIS: And so that means people who have skills

  • can teach other people those skills.

  • And AI is just this layer that really just interfaces

  • between the two things.

  • When you empower people to teach people,

  • I think that's really when you have something

  • that is game changing.




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機械学習を利用したダンス学習を支援するアプリ「Dance Like (Dance Like, an app that helps users learn how to dance using machine learning)

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