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  • Stephen Colbert runs wild around a nearly empty studio a CZ.

  • You may have noticed none of you were here right now on the people in the audience right now are some members of my staff.

  • It's now been announced The Late Show will go dark for the next two weeks on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

  • Late night are also suspending production.

  • Our guests with great reason, decided that they didn't feel right coming in and doing the show tonight.

  • So we decided to cancel it.

  • And we don't know when we're gonna start doing shows again.

  • Former presidential candidate Pete Buddha judge hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live minus the studio audience.

  • Everyone has strayed apart at the CDC recommended distance.

  • This was not our plan.

  • We just decided this a few hours ago, and it's disappointing because, as you all know, I love to crowd surf.

  • It's kind of my thing on James Corden was emotional as he explained, The late Late Show will remain on the air, but without an audience in these uncertain times, I'm sure a lot of you.

  • Ah, feeling frightened.

  • You feel vulnerable at the moment and we want to take a minute to say Just know that you are You are not alone on DDE We love you so much and we're gonna be here every night trying to make you laugh and trying to bring a bit of light and levity to your day.

  • 77 year old Joy Behar announced today that she's taking time off from the view do to Corona virus concern.

  • I decided that I think I'm going to stay home for a while, but a socially distance myself a little bit.

  • So next week you won't see me here, But you know, I don't know how it's gonna go, but that's well, you're a higher risk group.

  • And I bet the Corona virus is sending shockwaves through Hollywood.

  • Nbcuniversal is enacting the most sweeping shutdown, halting production on nearly 35 TV shows.

  • Other networks and studios are doing the same, meaning no new productions of popular shows, including Grey's Anatomy and C.

  • I s Law and Order S V.

  • U.

Stephen Colbert runs wild around a nearly empty studio a CZ.


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