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  • Hi.

  • So today we're in a very expensive restaurant in the Acosta Red Light District here in yoga called Come Out at All.

  • How old This place specializes in live squid and other things from a C.

  • And I think eating here is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • It's one of those foods that people don't go out and eat all the time.

  • So it's not like people in Boca always eat live squid.

  • But it's like, you know, for special occasions are like every once in a while or when you have people visiting from out of town.

  • They like to eat here.

  • So I thought I would just kind of give you a little insight into that.

  • The practice of making sashimi from live seafood is known as Kiki security, and it's a concept that can sound a bit shocking toe Westerners.

  • In fact, in some countries, such as Germany and Australia, the practice of eating food this way is even prohibited by law.

  • You know what they say when in Japan do is the Japanese do.

  • This is a part of Japanese culture, and I can't seem to ever pass up the chance to try good Japanese food, so I'm gonna give this a try.

  • It's really good because it's fresh, you bite down taste.

  • Kind of like I wouldn't say Robbery.

  • Robbery is not a delicious word, but it has a certain texture to it.

  • There's not.

  • It doesn't have a fishy kind of aftertaste, so it tastes really fresh.

  • Okay, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not exactly the most eloquent food reporter.

  • And, um, in this video, it just gets worse.

  • We also ordered some live.

  • It's dead now.

  • Way also ordered some fresh, and I'm going to give that a try right now, like it is so fresh it literally just died.

  • It's so soft and it, like, melts in your mouth.

  • It's that fresh.

  • I barely even have to chew it because it's just like a soft piece of meat in your mouth.

  • It's good.

  • I like it.

  • I like I might actually like this more than I like squint.

  • One interesting thing about eating accuse a cootie seafood is that nothing is wasted, and therefore anything left on the squid has turned into tempura.

  • And as for the shrimp, well, but like the eyes really like I said I could never pass up a chance to try good Japanese food.

  • But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to like it, honey, for me eating shrimp heads or something that maybe I just a little thanking us.

  • How about you?

  • Are you brave when you try new food?

  • What's the weirdest thing that you've ever eaten?

  • Let me know in the comments.



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日本の活き造り文化 ・Eating LIVE FOOD in Japan (日本の活き造り文化 ・Eating LIVE FOOD in Japan)

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