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That's my friend from university.
And he invited me to come to really glad you did.
Because I've actually never been to the top of your game.
So this is really freaking excited.
You're here.
We just came down the second I saw everything.
It looks really cool.
The food are really well done.
And I'm not waiting.
So the whole section dedicated to probe et simulation games, you know, we're gonna be visiting there, so I'm up on romance game booths.
And if you look inside, there's people getting their makeup died.
Like you guys gonna do a lottery next?
Not sure what the prizes are.
Yeah, like a cushion.
Or like a blanket.
Like a fleece blink.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Get How about this mystery box?
Online video.
January for work.
You in battle?
Like up until now, I'm normally not fighting game.
Anything with swelling.
It's gonna get a reading for me.
And I really like how the levels are based.
So this is the island.
Final fantasy has gotcha machines.
Looks like it way.
Nice bag.
All right, we've got a coin.
Were waiting in line.
Now I hope you get a T shirt waiting in line out the PlayStation booth.
Like my favorite PlayStation game.
I think it's called the Octagon.
English like reminds a grand theft auto plays around like actual place.
I really like that.
Wait one more minute.
Like Wait, wait, wait, wait was crazy.
But they let us get in there.
Press passes, graphics.
That's good.
Yeah, right by like 600 people e saw the jiggle action.
That's that's that's going way across to the other building now to check out the game booth kind of dusk I want that is really cool.
He's gonna get stronger.
Okay, You have to try Sukanya really complain on cell phone right now, but you're gonna be trying to get it out on intended, which I would totally wear.
Deco thio Right off to the best section.
In my opinion will be our section What I can and I played five with my sister and I really, really enjoyed it.
We're seeing super simple things like mountain climbing, but it was just really meet you get really immersed in it.
So we're at the red boot now on.
They're just setting up a player with full body soothe suit vibrates So when you get hit, it feels like you're actually getting hit.
Who's the guy in there batting right now?
You see?
And he's showing up in the game.
There is a way this'll need.
It's virtual reality.
Manga, no idea what to expect, but we're at the booth.
So I tryto really I wish I could tell you guys, you're in the Mongol world and all the characters greedy and moving around and you couldn't turn your head and explore the shop.
It's really cool that way.
Really will be coming out on iPhone.
And then I guess you have to find Chuck this so you get your body scan and then you get turned into a character in the game.
That is cool.
I really want to try this.
Like you.
I'm gonna try it.
Bad room for one person.
E I could see my other classmate sitting next to me.
Yeah, like missiles.
Just like firing away after teacher.
Yeah, okay.
He took my guns away and gave me, like, shoes instead.
Way together.
Like grab against hope You guys enjoyed spending the day at the Tokyo Game show with charred and I go check out Chad's twitch.
I will link it down below.
He plays a lot of Japanese games that happened been released overseas yet.
So if you're into that kind of thing, I think you'll love his streams.
And also, I have a broad channel where I post quite frequently.
So if you haven't checked that Odo also link that down below.
Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.
I really appreciate it, guys.
And I will see you again soon.


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