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  • Hi, I'm Makayla.

  • I'm Canadian, but I live in Japan.

  • I'm a video blogger.

  • I usually make YouTube videos about my daily life here, but this time I'm on a new mission to go back to my country, Canada, and introduce it to both Japan and the world.

  • For two weeks, I'll be traveling across Canada by train, enjoying tons of new experiences, eating delicious local foods and making new friends.

  • And I'll be reporting all of my adventures back to you.

  • Sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and via rail, thin is made in Canada way.

  • Finally, we have arrived at our final destination.

  • Theron Oh, Toronto is among the largest cities in North America and the largest city in Canada.

  • It is a dynamic and multicultural city, which also boast itself as the entertainment capital of the country.

  • Wait might not have access to the ocean like Vancouver does.

  • Toronto has the next best thing.

  • We're going on a harbor tour from now on the waterfront, and it's so hot today it's like 30 degrees and we're sweating and I'm wearing this dress.

  • I did wear it.

  • I told you I would, and I did this.

  • Sophie Lake Ontario, a lakefront accessible in minutes from the downtown core live in a big city like Toronto.

  • You need to be in a big city state of mind, just like in the major cities like New York.

  • Tokyo people are busy, and the streets are always bustling with activity.

  • This is the menu.

  • We have a bubble thio shoes.

  • I met up with my good friend Andrew, and he showed me around the city way visited Kensington Market, a place that reminds me a lot of Turkish daughter wear these in Japan Way.

  • Even the building's found in residential areas of Toronto.

  • Given Eastern Vibe with their brick foundation.

  • One thing I never failed to do in Canada who eat at Earl's, their chocolate sticky toffee pudding is to die for.

  • Oh my God, I am really excited because it's all that I wanted to keep sticky toffee pudding, and I wanted to eat this like the whole trip.

  • And now it's my last day in Toronto and we're gonna share it.

  • There's like chocolate cake, lavender lemonade.

  • For two weeks, we traveled across Canada and ending the trip in Toronto felt just right.

Hi, I'm Makayla.


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[字幕付き] Made in Canada: Last Stop, Toronto ! 目的地到着!素敵なトロント! ([字幕付き] Made in Canada: Last Stop, Toronto ! 目的地到着!素敵なトロント!)

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