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Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel So excited for today's video because I've been waiting for these chocolate eggs to arrive at my house for about a month now.
I heard about them online, and I ordered them right away because animal crossing merch is so hard to come by.
It's not super common, like Morio are Kirby, where you can find them regular toy stores.
So today we will be opening not 10 not 20 but 30 animal crossing surprise chocolate eggs in hopes of completing the set of 20 figurines.
There are 18 possible Villagers inside and a bonus secret to that.
You don't know what they are.
In total, we've got 30 eggs.
Our chances are you know they're decent, that we can complete the set.
So if I do get doubles, I have friends back in Canada.
There really wants, um, and I've got a couple of friends here in Japan that probably have doubles of their own that we can trade with, So either way, it should be good.
But let's get started because I've been looking forward to this forever.
I am so excited about the new animal crossing coming out.
It's probably my favorite game of all time, and it was about a month left until the new one is released.
So what they look like they're so cute.
Pocket is adorable.
I got a list on the back of all the possible figures that could be inside the two secret ones.
So the cell for 200 yen each and you can buy them at 7 11 Some supermarkets have LEM.
Don Quixote might have them.
They're usually pretty good with stuff like this, but I got mine online.
I wanted to pre order them so that they would come right away, just in case.
I couldn't find them up here in Morioka, which was a good idea because I went to the 7 11 last night just to check if they had them and they didn't.
So I'm really hoping to get Peanut or Rosie.
Those are probably my two favorites out of all the choices or Marshall Marshall is really cute, but I like all of the animal crossing characters, so I'm gonna be super excited about whatever I get.
I couldn't We took with these.
This is honestly, like my favorite game of all time.
It's a player with, like final Fantasy.
89 10 10 to from an animal crossing my five favorite games.
So this is what the eggs look like.
They're wrapped in this foil wrapping.
It's not animal crossing themed.
Unfortunately, that would've been cute.
I have enlisted the help of some friends to eat all this chocolate for me.
So I will be saving this chocolate in a plastic bag and it will be donated, my friends.
So they looked like the vixens.
I just like you can do surprise with the white chocolate lining and then the little capsule toy Who is going to be our first character?
Oh, I can't tell.
I see a but it kind of looks like a duck butt.
Oh, it is a duck.
It's Molly.
So the toys come in pieces like this.
Oh, it's so cute.
Oh, they're really nicely made.
It looks like nice quality.
Here is our first Villager.
We have Molly the duck reading a book quality looks really nice.
It's really nicely painted, and they also have this little sheet inside.
Oh, it tells you how to put it together in case you couldn't figure that out.
Oh, there's a list with all the figures.
This is cool, because on the box you kind of just see their faces.
You don't know what the figures look like, but the little sheet inside shows you what the figures actually look like.
It's got a little description of each character, too.
And the names and Japanese air completely different in Japanese.
Combo me is the name of Molly Egg number two.
Will we get one of my favorites?
Oh, it's one of the the human characters, Like one of the playable characters s.
So that's what the secret ones are.
Okay, that makes sense.
So this is the male character.
I'm guessing the second secret one is the female.
Can you see his little shirt says Chako Egg.
How adorable is that?
All right, well, we've bought two out of 20 so far.
A good start.
None of my favorites yet, unfortunately, but I can't complain.
Big number three.
Oh, it opened right away.
I see the body with no head.
Yes, I'm not sure it is.
Oh, it's a deer.
Uh, fauna in a flash.
I think her name is her name's daughter.
Emmy in Japanese.
I think it's such a cute name.
Ah, she's holding an ice cream.
Look at her.
Oh, we're three for three.
No doubles yet.
I remember four.
Give me the one cat character.
I will not be happy if I don't get the one cop character.
It feels like a heavy one with a big head, maybe.
Oh, Stitches.
Cute stitches.
The bear Chocolate egg number four.
Oh, my God.
Peeing that peanut or Rosie?
Oh, it's ham.
Scared his name in English.
Hamlet, is that right?
Oh, uh, would be holding all he's got little four leaf clover.
So cute.
A 520 So far, you guys.
And we've got one of the secrets, which is cool, because those are probably kind of rare.
That would be my guess.
Anyways, big number six.
I hope this one opens easier than the last one.
Oh, God.
Lucky number six.
Oh, another duck.
Molly the duck.
I'll keep her in the capsule because I will probably trade her with one of my friends.
All right, Lucky number seven.
I feel it.
This is gonna be it.
I feel like I'm reading worse.
That opening the use of why are they getting harder?
Like you know, every seven peanut, please.
Or Rosie.
It was a new one.
It's Bunny.
Bunny's pretty cute.
Oh, she's holding a little apple.
Some number kind of loose.
I think I'm gonna have thio by some super glue include the parts together.
We've got six so far, guys.
And only one double number eight.
Come on, please.
Oh, another stitches are second double box number nine.
Oh, it's a new one.
Who is it?
Oh, it's is a bow.
Oh, she's so cute.
She's got a little present.
Look at her.
Oh, what a cute e.
I love the smell like chocolate.
I think we're on box number 10 two double so far.
Your lists.
Oh, my God.
Oh, she's so cute.
Oh, I'm so glad we got her.
I would have been so sad.
And she looks hilarious without ears.
There we go.
It's much better.
She's posed like this and then she comes with a little bag and you hang it.
Her arm.
How cute is that?
345678 We've got eight out of 20 so far.
You guys and 20 more boxes to go.
I think we might be able to complete the collection.
I would be super elected.
I'm usually not very lucky with these gotcha tight surprise things I rarely get the one that I want because we've got Rosie Now I'm I'm happy with However it turns out, Is it?
Oh, no.
Another Molly.
We've got three.
Molly's now 12.
No, not yet.
Oh, is it Rosie again?
Not even sad because she's so cute.
Yeah, it's another Rosie.
That's okay, because I'm sure somebody would be very happy to get her for trade with me.
Box number 13 will be unlucky.
What's anyone?
Oh, no, It's the boy.
The boy Villager Again.
It's kind of cool to get another secret, though.
All right, We've got five doubles so far.
Box number 14.
I just noticed on the back that for every two eggs that you buy, you can send in a form to enter for a free copy of animal Crossing.
But like, we're all gonna buy it before then.
But I guess if I get an extra one, maybe I could give the way.
Is a giveaway or something.
So I'll enter.
See what happens every single time.
I've entered one of these contests type things on the back of a product here in Japan, I've won.
I don't know if it's because people just don't bother entering them, or I'm just really lucky with that kind of thing.
But yeah, I've won lots of really cool products, so I'm definitely enter that 14.
Is it peanut?
Oh, it's Marshall only so cute.
I'm so glad I got him so he doesn't have a stick.
He just sits right in the middle of the the stand.
Marshall in his little coffee of his angry face.
God, it was a new one.
There are a couple doubles there for a while.
Will be halfway through after opening this one.
Oh, another fauna.
All right, so we're halfway through.
How many villages who have 1234567899 out of 20.
All right, that's not bad.
But I feel like it's going to be a little tricky to complete this set with only 15 more boxes still been.
Oh, it's Julian.
Oh, Okay.
Good, Good.
It's a new one.
So cute how they're all holding a different item, okay?
Always listening in the sea shell.
It's cute.
just please, just be a new one.
Any liver, Okay.
Oh, it's Apollo angle also.
He's in lots of pieces.
Oh, God.
Am I gonna need the instructions?
Oh, he's sitting on a rock.
That's what it is.
Here we go.
This Apollo the Eagle number 11 out of the collection complete.
I'm feeling better about this.
We've got two new ones.
Who's that?
Is it Marshall again?
Yeah, Another marshal can't.
We haven't gotten peanut you so that one broke perfectly in half.
It's a good sign.
Oh, Penis.
Hey, you.
Belle's Shiva Beggar bells.
Is she holding a bag of bells or is it a pineapple?
All right, so that's 12.
We've completed 12 out of 28 more and 11 boxes to go.
Think the chances are pretty slim that that's gonna happen.
Oh, it is.
It's a new it.
Who is it?
That's the wolf Fang.
Hey, what is he sitting on?
Oh, he's got a little treasure boxes.
And then it's another tricky one.
He's in lots of pieces I love for They all come here, Lis on.
Then I can, too.
Off bang Villager number 13 in our collection I got my two faves, so I'm happy about that.
We need Tom.
Look, we need you, Timmy and Tommy K K cider.
We ever gone K k slider yet?
The other secret one, Which is probably the girl Villager blathers when our brothers either way haven't gotten lots of the main characters, so hopefully they pop up.
Come on, brothers or Tom Duck.
Oh, it's another fan.
I want a new one.
Uh, marshal?
Another marshal.
I'm getting worried down to my last few.
Oh, Apollo seven boxes to go.
And we need seven more Villagers.
Oh, it's another peanut.
Oh, shit.
I would like to get a couple of the main ones like blathers and K K slider.
Rosie gets rosy again.
Last five, please.
The new one.
Oh, it is keen.
Audio in Japanese.
Um, Mabel.
Oh, I'm so glad it's a new one.
Thank God I was getting worried.
We're getting lots of doubles there.
I love this one.
I really want to know what?
The second secret one is probably the girl, but what does she look like?
What color hair does she have?
We need to know Oh, it cracked perfectly in half.
That was a good sign last time.
Oh, it's fun again.
I don't have, like, four of her now.
Last three.
Oh, another perfect crap.
Come on, is anyone?
Give me Tom Nook kicking anyone?
Another Fonda, for fuck's sakes.
We're down to our final two boxes.
I'm getting good at cracking them low.
I've gotten the technique down.
They don't smash into a 1,000,000 pieces.
Who is that?
Who is it?
Oh, another fang?
And the final chocolate egg.
Who will it be?
Oh, killer.
This one has a different sound.
Will it be someone new?
No other peanut e shouldn't complain.
I really wanted peace.
All right.
And that concludes our opening of 30 animal crossing surprise chocolate eggs.
We ended up with 1 to 16 doubles, which I will trade or put in a giveaway.
And 14 out of 20 of the Villagers.
I say that's a decent result.
I'm happy with that.
Got my faves.
I think Rosie is my favorite.
Out of the bunch.
Which ones do you guys like?
The best?
Who would you be hoping for if you were opening up these chocolate eggs?
Thanks so much for watching guys, I might end up getting a couple more.
If I'm unable to trade with my friends, try and complete this at, uh, we'll see what happens.
I hope you enjoy that.
And I will see you guys again soon.
For now.


Opening NEW Animal Crossing Surprise Chocolate Eggs!

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