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Hey, guys, welcome back to Japan.
I just got back a couple days ago.
I'm still extremely jet leg, so please excuse my tiredness, but very excited, because now that I'm back, I could finally open my lucky bags.
If you guys have been following my channel for ah while.
Now you know what lucky bags are.
If you are new, I will do a quick explanation.
Lucky bags are basically the best part about New Year's in Japan.
What they are is a big bag of random goods.
You don't know what's inside and every New Year's January 1st, the majority of stores in Japan, but mainly clothing stores, will put together these surprise bags with leftover clothing that didn't sell throughout the winter.
Or sometimes there's brand new items that were designed specifically for the lucky bags.
And it's just a huge rush at the shopping malls because everybody loves buying these bags and they're lots of fun, and they're usually a really good deal.
A bank like this will generally cost about $100 and there'll be several pieces of clothing inside worth a lot more than the price you pay for it, but you're taking a risk because you have no idea was in there.
You don't know if it's gonna look good on you.
Don't know if it'll be your style.
You don't know if it'll fit, but it's a lot of fun and it only happens once a year.
So this year I got four different clothing bags.
This 1st 1 is from a Japanese brand called Buddha.
And the 2nd 1 is also a Japanese brand called Snide A LL.
This one is from L.
And I've actually never purchased any clothing from l never tried out there Lucky bag.
So I don't really know what will be in this one.
And last but not least, we have Spiral Girl, Another Japanese fashion brand, Spiral Girl is actually one of the shops that I have purchased items from in the past.
So I have high hopes for this one.
I think I will like some of the things inside.
But we said that about MOC one year and it was just ridiculously bad.
So you never know.
You never know what you're gonna get with these bags now that I've said that I'm scared that it's just gonna be horrible, But why don't we start off with Spiral Girl?
They have packed this solid, full of so many things.
I paid 10,000 yen for this bag.
Approximately $100.
Let's see what's inside.
Oh, I see lots of neutral colors, which is good.
Oh, this looks like a sweater dress.
This could be cute.
Oh, hey, that could be really nice.
It's a long sweater dress.
It's got acute Bach to it.
Stroppy detailing, around Nuck in the friend long sleeves.
And it looks like it'll probably go down to maybe like, mid calf length and then be like Titan form fitting.
That's pretty cool.
I'm happy with that.
I think that'll fit me to the size.
Looks just about right.
Oh, they've got a price tag on this dress.
The original price was 6900 yen.
So we've already covered over half of the price of the lucky bag without one item.
Next is another beige sweater.
Oh, what is going on here?
The back is late, draped and open like this part is completely open.
I don't know if I would wear that.
Maybe with a tank top underneath or something.
It's not something I would normally pick, but it looks like size wise.
It will probably fit me.
So that's cool.
And the price on this one is 4900 yen.
So we've already covered the 10,000 yen cost of the bag with those two sweaters.
Who next is a jock itch?
I really like that.
This must be expensive.
9900 yen is the price on this coat.
It's very soft.
I could definitely see myself wearing that.
There are so many things in the bag.
We're just getting started.
Kind of red shirt.
Oh, a red tank top.
That's cute.
I would definitely wear that in the summer.
I'm really surprised that was in these bags there normally winter clothes, but less cute.
Yeah, I really like that.
We're doing well.
Guys like the stuff thing doesn't happen.
Normally, I don't have much luck with these bags because they are one size fits all generally, and one size fits all in Japan is usually pretty small.
Okay, so this next piece is a burnt orange color.
I don't think that's a flattering color on me.
Unfortunately, I've never purchased anything in this color.
Um, well, let's see what it is.
Maybe I'll give it a shot.
What is going on?
Why is that?
I think it's a fake turtleneck attachment to the top of a really baggy sweatshirt dress.
Yeah, I know this.
This would look so bad off sleeves look like this.
Oh, my God.
That would just be so unflattering.
It doesn't have any shape to it.
And like I said, the color just doesn't look good with my skin tone and hair color.
So this one is a definite no from me.
Uh, 5900 yen is the price on that.
It comes with something.
A belt, I guess.
I want to give it some shape.
Maybe still can't imagine not being cute.
Very colorful bag.
Next, we have a green item.
It's like maybe it's a very soft, silky material along long green skirt that is very soul eyes, A very tiny waist.
It does have an elastic at the box so it could stretch of it, but even stretched out.
I think that would be pretty tight on me.
A really interesting hem line.
It's shorter in the friend, kind of like PC and flowy.
And that could be really cute if it fit me, but I don't think it's going thio Next.
You have yellow.
I like this color.
That's a pretty color.
You were sure generous with the amount of items they put in their bag this year.
Oh, this is weird.
It's a very baggy sweater.
It's super soft.
He's got this thick belt on the bottom and it does up with clips.
Not sure about the shape.
It's very wide and probably not gonna be very flattering on me.
I prefer more form fitting things, but we'll give it a shot.
Do you like the color?
And the material is really soft.
I think we're down to our lot.
I don't have some charm thing.
Heck is list.
I'm very confused.
Oh, it's a necklace.
Wow, that's a little It's a little too wild for me.
I don't think I would wear that.
2900 yen is the price on this eccentric necklace left?
But not in a way, that two more things.
Ah, Hot straw, huh?
No, I think this one will go in the donation pile.
I don't even think this will fit on my giant head.
Yeah, it's a little snug.
I've got it abnormally large head.
So I have trouble finding hot, slow fit me.
Could have been cute if it said and last you have ah, develops.
This is cute.
Certainly simple blue and gold belt.
I'll definitely use that.
If the size works for me, that's really nice.
1900 yen.
The total cost of these items must be way over what I paid for the bag.
And I think this year's spiral girl is a thumbs up for me.
We're off to a good start.
Which one shall we open next?
Let's go with L.
Because really curious to see what is inside there.
Don't know what kind of clothes they have or what to expect Really from this one.
This bag was also 10,000 yen.
Same price of the spiral grow bag.
I ordered all these online because I wasn't at home for New Year's Day.
The lucky bags only go on sale in the stores on January 1st every year.
So if you're not gonna be at home, you can have them delivered to your house in Japan.
So it's pretty handy Theo again, Lots of neutral looking colors.
Happy to see that.
Like a white water.
Very simple white sweater.
Oh, but the sleeves air like bell bottom.
But they're short.
I'm not sure about that.
I would probably roll those up a chilling that would look really strange if they were long and that came to your wrist.
That could be cute.
But that's gonna be like at my forearmed.
This looks strange.
This one will probably go in the donate pile.
It looks like they don't have prices on items in their lucky bag.
That's unfortunate.
So we don't really know how much that one's worth.
Another foreign.
I feel like I like the shade a little more than the last weird sweatshirt dress.
What is this one?
It's a sweater.
Very nice material.
Super soft.
Oh, interesting sleeves, Scott.
This little not in the end of the sleeves.
That's cute.
I like that super high quality material.
This feels amazing.
This would be so comfy.
I really hope this one looks all right again.
I'm not too sure about those burnt orange color, but I will give this one a shot because I really like the feel of it.
You really hurt doctor, I'm feeling this is really nice.
It's a long black peacoats, and again the material feels super high quality all.
I really hope this fits.
I love this, but never looks like this and it's gonna tie up waste.
Thank you.
That's right.
Now over my hoodie.
Oh, yeah, It's gonna be perfect because I can get it over this big chunky hoodie.
I love it.
Oh, I'm so happy with this.
I will definitely get use out of this jacket.
I was actually considering buying a block pea coat, but I couldn't find one that I liked.
And this one is very simple, and I think it'll work with lots of my clothes.
And I just love the material.
It's made out of super soft, and it feels really good quality.
The last item in the bag is a piece of jewelry which, unfortunately I will be allergic to.
I can't wear any metal jewelry that isn't pure gold, which is too bad because this is really pretty.
I love gold jewelry, and it's really simple.
Well, there were only four items in that l bag.
What a difference between the two.
But with that really nice black pea coat inside.
I think that was worth my 10,000 yen, and I'm super happy with it again.
So we've got two awesome bags this year so far.
I will open my last two lucky bags in another video.
So stay tuned for that, guys.
Thanks so much for watching.
And I will see you again soon.
Bye for now.


Opening Japanese Clothing Lucky Bags!! ? Spiral Girl & Elle

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