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Hey, I feel like it's been forever since I film something here.
It's kind of cool to be back.
I'm gonna be doing a male opening video today.
I've got a pile of mail here waiting to be opened for the past couple of weeks, and I'm happy to be back in Japan's.
I can do it if you send me something and it's not in this group of male.
Don't worry, because I haven't been back to my agency in over a month.
So there is probably some more mill there waiting for me, and I will be picking it up later this month.
So thank you for being patient.
All right, I'm gonna start with this box, which is from Sophie in Melbourne, Australia.
I see something for keyboards for Roche a brick.
You with that?
It's his favorite chocolate.
I don't think he's ever had one of these Giant waas.
Oh my God, This letter covered in cat stickers.
Oh, she's included.
So did you.
Some ways I recommend you eat it, not straight plain office spoon.
That's gross, even for seasoned vigia eaters.
One way that I personally love.
It's a spread on buttered or margarine toast in a very thin layer or spread onto toast with avocado on top.
It's quite salty.
So you could even use it to season things possibly.
Okay, I will try that.
Oh, don't worry.
I think the Ferreira Rochet might be like slightly expired, but he's not.
I love these.
I've had these before somewhere.
I can't remember where I had them.
I think it might imminent.
Taylor's hose thes are so delicious over.
Thank you.
I'm actually gonna be going on a flight soon, so I might bring these for my back.
70% local.
I feel like that's, like, a perfect percentage any higher, and it starts to get, like, a little too healthy tasting What?
70 is just straight.
Thank you.
Oh, you're sweet.
Thank you so much.
Next, something I like.
It looks like it's from a company, but companies never just send me stuff without contacting.
So I'm not Charlotte wishing you many happy naps and fun travels with your new Sleeping musk and dream journal.
Oh, this looks really cool.
Gloom sleeping mosque and dream journal.
I so cute.
Oh, my God.
That wasn't expecting that.
It's so cute.
And this is the dream journal.
Let's open it up.
It's got a place to put the date and a title for your dream.
And then you describe it here and then at the bottom, it asks you, Have you ever had the stream before?
I've never kept track of my dreams before, so I'm gonna try that.
Thank you room for sending me this.
I'll lengthen down below if you guys are interested in checking them out.
All right.
Next we have a letter from a middle school in P A.
If I Yeah, God, I never know.
Oh, this is so cute.
So a middle school student wrote me this letter for a computer project.
It looks wonderful.
Nicely out.
Best of luck on becoming a manga artist.
I have a video up from a while ago where I chatted a bit with a foreign girl who had come to Japan and become among artists.
So maybe check that one out for some tips.
Oh, thanks for writing me.
Did Jenna in my singer name right?
That's really nice.
Next is a big own bloat from Tracy in New York.
Luna is chewing on the sleeping man.
No, No, no!
Oh, my God.
It's you!
It's glued on tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
This is so cute.
Oh, Tracy.
Okay, I know you are.
I recognized you using named right off the bat.
Oh, you're going to see other She?
That's awesome.
Big things.
Stickers, These air.
So cute.
Look at these adorable big bang stickers and seventies.
Thank you so much, Tracy.
Okay, next package is from, uh, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Dear Charlotte, I'm Anissa from Indonesia, and I've been watching you another J blockers for years.
Here in Indonesia, Iona jockeys inspired clothing brand.
And as I watch your block, I noticed you really like cats.
So I like it out.
One of my collection with adorable cat prints on it.
Also she body Potter and howdy that I hope you like.
Thank you so much.
Whoa, This is really cute.
Oh, my God.
I love it.
And this is super pretty so hard to show you how to back up.
Okay, so the sleeves look like that on the front is white.
But then the bath is this amazing Tight iPod Earn Oh, thank you so much.
I will link her clothing website down below if you guys want to check it out.
It was a really cool, really original.
That is another package from Australia.
And on the back, it says from Oh, thank you.
I have this, like, adorable little collection of kangaroos.
You guys except me.
And they're all just a little bit different.
This one is great.
I love a little, huh?
I'm so sorry about your dove.
That happened with my birds too.
I had a cage full of finches at my grandma's house and a cat came in the back door and knocked over the cage and either ate the finches or they got out of the cage.
Either way, we didn't see them again.
I have no idea what these Japanese stickers say.
It says Love the pendulum tips, Love This one says, like good friends.
Is she cute?
Fifties a T drag.
It only got G dragon kitten over looking cute.
These are all right.
Go on.
He's coming to Tokyo as well for his tear.
I will be going there.
I'm totally gonna use some of these.
Oh, love.
Oh my God.
It's a catalytic tripping with this hits than I realized.
Well, you got a present.
Good president making running.
You see?
That's a thought.
What you got?
I don't have any feather toys.
Thank you so much, Channa over.
God, I just love all the little handmade things you gave me.
I'm told we can use some of your fans at the concert and give a couple of my friend to use.
Well, it's gonna be great right next to me.
The cute little letter from Sophie in New Jersey, huh?
I love this car.
Uh huh.
Oh, wow.
You've been watching my videos for so long.
Thank you so much for the sweet letter.
Sophie, I would love to see your cosplay pictures.
If you use Twitter.
Something from your cosplay pitches I would love to see.
Another really cute car.
This one is from oh, Tokyo.
It cupped any?
Nah, Probably did not say that.
It's a really pretty name.
Whoa, Really sweet snore legs.
Look at that.
That's so cool.
Concert in your name to Katie.
Oh, thank you so much.
Katie's I love the little stickers on the envelope.
Next is a very adorable letter.
Oh, another one from Japan.
It's a Oh, Miriam appreciate how cutely she has decorated this T Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Like my favorite teas.
Likethe um Oh, so many new ones.
Excited to try those.
Oh, Miriam, I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a tough time as for like what you should do in the future.
My advice would be to go and finish your B a.
Because once you have your bachelor's degree, it's so easy to come back here to stay long term.
You'll have lots of options for jobs.
And it'll be really easy to get a working visa if you have that bachelor's degree.
Oh, I wish you so much loss.
I wish I could give you a big hug right now giving you a big hug through camera.
Thank you for the letter.
Next, we have an envelope from Germany.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no way.
Oh, I know this from Oh, my God, Thank you so much.
This is like the most talented girl I follow her on.
Instagram Bento Fox is her instagram name.
B e n t o F o x.
Go Follow her.
She's absolutely gorgeous and super talented And oh my God, I love you so much.
I'm gonna get a frame for this.
Thank you.
Next is from Crystal in Manchester.
N h knew?
You know, living in Canada.
We don't study about America, Atal.
Like we don't learn any of the state any of the geography of the country.
So I didn't know absolutely nothing about America.
Oh, my God.
This card.
Thank you so much.
You're so cute.
He's awesome.
Handmade stickers.
Thank you so much.
Crystal and fiance.
I will stick these two.
Something next pocket is from Australia.
Um, I think this is Abby.
Was tape covering it?
I mean Australia.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
I tried the New York breakfast tea that she sent me before, and it was my favorite.
So she sent me a bunch of, um thank you so much, Avi.
Oh, yeah.
Gotta share the card.
Forget it.
T to New York breakfast and Kambara breakfast.
This one is black tea with sweet oats and coconut and a hint of rose.
So good.
And then the New York one waas lock T cinnamon and vanilla.
It was really, really delicious, guys.
Thank you.
So my job be Sweden Cosper.
That's such a cool way to spell it.
Oh, my God.
Yes, thank you.
She sent me a top.
You go rest.
Bu I love tapioca.
I have tapioca pearls to coconut milk, water, vanilla maple syrup, strawberries.
That sounds so good.
I'm totally gonna make that.
Oh, thank you so much, Casper.
I tried that for sure.
They're next from Canada, from West Kelowna.
Sadie in West Kelowna.
Don't worry about, uh, learning job.
Needs to get a job because you could always be an English teacher while you're here.
Like learning more Japanese.
And that requires zero Japanese.
Most schools would prefer you not speak any Japanese because they don't like the teachers speaking Japanese with the students.
You should definitely do a home stay.
Oh, thank you so much for the letter.
That's next Letters on the UK and it says do not bend.
So there must be something in your eye.
Oh, stop it, Becky.
But you recognize your last name?
Aw, they were out of convention, and there was much of poke a lot card there, so they got me some.
They're all holographic.
So cute.
And then they sent me an old pound coin and new pound coins.
I could see how weird the new one waas the news, actually, really.
Quote this looks a lot like a to me in Canada.
The $2 coin we have is, um, two colored like this, but silver on the outside and gold in the middle.
I thank God it's been so long and that the old pound queen Thanks so much, guys.
And come back to Japan soon, please.
I know this one.
Oh, I always wanted a change.
Thank you so much for the courage.
I used to have, like in your office.
Made lots of rabbits medicate rabbit.
First it was to be told us or both girls, but then one of them turned out to be a boy.
So we ended up with lots for Roberts.
All right, three more things to go open.
This is from this is from the UK Be way over the club.
Did you see Nicole's video on these musical went shopping together and she was gonna get the pearler beads.
But then she decided to get these for something different and she made a couple of videos on her channel all of these air.
So what fun.
I love making stuff with beads like this, but never tried the opera peas.
So that's cool.
I'm going to do that with Nicole.
When she comes back to Japan, a pack of Pokemon, we open them.
I think I'm gonna see them for tomorrow.
From the with.
I'm going to a poke in one event with Greg, and hope will be there too.
So I'll save them for lunch when I open them up at lunch with them.
Yeah, My face over.
God, I love making Bar's still They're so good.
No way.
A gummy sweets.
You, Britt?
Oh, I love these students.
Pretzel snacks and peaches.
I've had these agents.
He's really such a popular thing to eat.
Was in elementary school in Canada.
I'm so happy about these cooling I museum.
No idea.
Cola Gummies with my favorite thing.
Thank you so much, Lizzie.
You spoiled me.
I'm so excited for this team.
We're gonna have so much fun.
All right?
Last two letter is just one is from Arkansas.
I only knew it was Arkansas.
Could be spelled it out.
I have no idea What?
The abbreviation.
Oh, thank you so much.
Look, little drawing.
I wanna play Sonic now.
And last but not least, I have a letter from Lauren in England.
He's wondering if she came to Japan by herself.
If I would suggest going in a tour group if it's your first time here to her, it might be a good idea.
I've never done it to a group in Japan before because I've always hod friends here and people to show me around.
But if it is your first time, that could be a really fun option to see the place but not be too stressed about, like getting lost, I would say Yeah, go for the tour group.
Thank you so much fun.
She sent me a really cute bracelet.
I've loved making these thes string bracelets.
They're so much fun.
This one is so cute.
I love it.
Thank you so much, guys.
As always, you have spoiled me.
I'm really excited to, like, turn the camera off, go through everything again, make some teas, eat some snacks.
You guys were so sweet once again.
If you sent me something, you didn't see it in this mail opening.
Don't worry, because I am positive that it will be at my agency waiting for me till date.
I don't think anyone has ever had their package lost in the mail or anything.
So you guys shouldn't need toe worry things watching guys.
And I'll see you tomorrow for a log ringing, Greg and tough.
A long time since I've seen tofu.
I'm really excited to see him again.
And, yeah, we're gonna go on a little road trip and place and poke him on because the Oklahoma event, it's still on.



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