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morning guys were just on our way to
costco I'm gonna try and look for some
foods to make for Christmas dinner I'm
really really hoping we have cranberry
sauce I've never seen it there
I'm hoping that they brought in for the
holidays we'll see but if not I'll think
of some other things to make it kind of
different than usual I want to try to
make something special
lots of you guys suggested to me lots of
recipes from youtube and like other
youtubers that make vegan recipes stuff
like tofu turkeys and stuff like that
so thank you so much I've been looking
through those and trying to get some ideas
so that's really great
the cute little old lady that lives
close to us brought me some wagashi she
went on a shopping trip today and she
said there was a famous brand of sweets
there so she got these for me because
she knows i love them so nice and then
this is even nicer she got a birthday
cake for Keyboard-san because i told
her his birthday is coming up
aw look at it that's so sweet of her
look at the little snowman! He's gonna
love that he's in the shower and I'm gonna
put it on the table
(music playing)
they're playing mononoke on the TV
I love this brand I didn't know they had
lip balm Has anyone tried these? ooh that's tempting
oh I wanted to get a heated blanket for Miko
Marzipan.. oh no it has butter in it
blueberry muffin ahh that sounds so good
sometimes they sell like american brand
clothing here which is nice because
they'll have American sizes I bought some
jeans here before that was exciting and
I got my housecoat here Housecoats
aren't really that popular in japan so
stuff like that CostCo's really good for
this is what I got 2,000 yen this
company makes the best massage machines
are these popular at all overseas?
I've only ever seen them since coming
to Japan but they make so many different
shapes like for your neck and your back
and your feet and arms and everything This is
a new one I think this one's just for your neck
they have lots of pet stuff here but it's
mostly for dogs like all this is for
he loves this stuff it's like bleach
spray, he uses it to clean the counter.. bubbly
it turns into bubbles it's pretty useful
I want a hand blender so i can make that
whipped cream but I feel stupid buying
one just for whipped cream
This is awesome this is great for cereal addicts
It's a good Christmas present I would love that
they have vegan protein powder
that's cool, I get stuff off of iHerb though so
on the first floor is where all the food
is the best floor they have tons of
american produce.. ah avocado i really like
getting berries here because they're
super hard to find in regular japanese
grocery stores so we usually get
blueberries and raspberries from here
ooh they have blackberries too...
ooh! three broccoli for four bucks that's
blackberries, six dollars
eight dollars for the raspberries
look at all the mushrooms lots of these are from Japan
woah those look good
gobos like my absolute favorite this is
burdock root if you can get it in your
country get it and look out up burdock
root recipes
it's so yummy guys
mmm that looks good
I freakin' love spinach, I'm getting this
they have the food testing like they do
back in Canada too, so I always eat stuff when i
come here i just tried some blueberries
and some red grapes, they were really good
so we're going to get some of the blueberries They have lots of
bakery goods that you can't find in regular
grocery stores like muffins, bagels, pies
stuff like that
this is where i get my lifetime supply
of soy milk
I really want to get some bagels.. onion?
these look good
oh coconut milk? I've never tried this
before... seventeen dollars for six of them
ok so I'm looking for my favorite
burgers now they didn't have them last
time and I was super sad 'cause that's like my
favorite thing to get here and i was so
happy when I found them the first time and
they stopped selling them darn it looks
like they don't have them... basically
they have all the American foods that
you might possibly miss if you live in
I found the burger section but they got
rid of the vegan burgers i guess no one
was buying them that's a shame because
they were freaking delicious you guys
are all missing out.. the snack sections are
like a mix of American snacks and
Japanese snacks, it's pretty much half and
it's really cool you can get like big
versions of whatever you love whether it
be like American stuff like nuts which are
kind of hard to find in big portions
like this in grocery stores- ooh that looks so good
We're on the hunt for cranberry sauce now
it's gotta be around here somewhere we're in the
canned section this is awesome
eight cans of organic diced tomatoes for
nine bucks
This is where I always buy my year's supply of oatmeal
so cheap, twelve dollars
this is the seaweed that were addicted to
still looking for cranberry sauce no
luck We're in the spice aisle now i really
doubt it will be here but maybe I'll get
lucky? They have lots of nice spices here that
you wouldn't normally find in a japanese
grocery store like this sweet red chili sauce
come on cranberry, whyyy? Well that's sad I'm gonna see if
i can get it online
We're all done heading home now I cannot wait
to eat the leftover soup at home i am so
freaking starving i just had some reese's
cereal for breakfast this morning that's
all i've eaten, it's already 6:30 so I'm gonna die,
And I bet
Keyboard-san's really hungry too. Alright guys Maro and
i are back to answer your questions
today he was waiting here for me when I
came up here to film. What are we going
to answer today Maro?
pick one
Yeah, that one? okay Kirara cutie 44 asks,
"When you first came to Japan what was the
very first place you wanted to visit?
When I go I want to meet Hachiko at
Shibuya station." lots of people say that I hear
that from lots of people that that's the first
thing they want to go see or that's
something they definitely want to include
in their Japan trip. I didn't even know
about the Hachiko story when i first
came to Japan I didn't know much about
Japan at all i had just taken some japanese
classes for a couple years but we didn't
really study the country itself too much
or the culture very much, we mostly just
focused on language but what I was
interested in was martial arts so I
really wanted to see some like kendo
practices or performances and I got to
do that during my first home-stay visit
so that was really cool. slated asks, "How
do your cats even get up and down from
that bunk bed?" Maro,
how do you get up and down from the
bunkbed? Wanna show them? Wanna show them?
Are you hungry? Maro, hungry boy? Snack time?
Snack time, Maro. Maro, snack time
Luna... Luna come here, show them how you get up
There you go!
That's how Luna gets
up sometimes however she mostly uses
this ladder to get up
she's crazy and she also uses it to get
down she looks very awkward and scary
but she somehow manages to do it
Maro always gets up and down using
this so i built him a little staircase
with his cube and this little book shelf
Maro are you hungry? Maro, snack time?
your tooth is stuck
again. we didn't get to go to the vet
today, it was closed unfortunately. Hopefully we will
make it there tomorrow
alright guys, me and Keyboard-san are going to
watch movie. We rented Sadako vs Kayako
I've not seen it yet, i've worn a costume
from the movie but I haven't seen it yet
so I'll let you guys know how that was
tomorrow if you enjoy this video please
leave a thumbs up it really helps out my
channel because it tells YouTube that this
video is worth watching and they will
share it with more people. If you didn't
like it you can give it a thumbs down
too that's okay i'll see you guys
tomorrow! Bye!



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