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  • Hey guys! Today I am at the Daiso in Harajuku.

  • I bet most of you know what Daiso is.

  • But if you don't, it's a 100 yen store. So everything in the store is 100 yen.

  • Unless marked otherwise, but most of the things are 100 yen.

  • We actually have a Daiso in Canada in Vancouver

  • So I bet lots of you have Daiso in your own country as well.

  • But the Japanese one, the original, is just amazing.

  • They sell everything here!

  • And it's just an awesome place to come and shop if you're here on vacation

  • Or if you live in Japan, to stock your house full of

  • kitchen goods and decorations they really have everything.

  • So I'm going to show that to you guys today, so yeah! Hope you enjoy!

  • Alright so this is the Valentine section.

  • They have the best selection of goods for making Valetines chocolate and sweets!

  • I love decorating this kind of stuff I’ll be doing another video this year.

  • But look at all the stuff they have!

  • And these are all only 100 yen each.

  • You can get like adorable decorations...

  • Honestly anything that you can imagine, I bet they have it here!

  • These are the chocolate pens that I’m using for decorating stuff usually.

  • They come in so many colours!

  • Japan has the cutest stickers!

  • Omg. Are these cats? I might have to buy these on the way out.

  • I also totally recommend Daiso for beauty products!

  • These nail stickersthese are only 100 yen

  • but if you buy these at a drug store or something they would cost probably 6 times the price.

  • It’s so cool that they sell them here.

  • Lots of you guys asked me what eyelashes I use!

  • Actually I use ones from Daiso. These are really great!

  • Theyre great quality, they have a really thin band, so theyre comfortable.

  • So I totally recommend this eyelash series if youre looking for fake eyelashes.

  • And yeah, 1 dollar! Awesome!

  • If you are looking for adorablekeshigomuerasers, Daiso is the place to come!

  • They have all these interesting Japanese sweets and foods. Theyre really fun!

  • I think they make a really cool souvenir.

  • Milk, juice, little ramen packages.

  • If you're in Japan for a concert and you wanna make likeouengoods, like a sign or something

  • You can do that here! Something like this.

  • You can buy all the parts to do that here.

  • I don’t know if you guys know about these, but these are like little plastic and rubber parts for making sweets!

  • So there’s like strawberries, and little icing things (I don’t even know what these are)

  • These little bananas and apple slices!

  • And these are the cones. So what you do is you fill up these cones with this creme stuff here

  • and then you put the little fruits in them, it's so fun!

  • Japan’s also great for stationary!

  • They have the cutest stationary sets ever.

  • If you like writing letters to your friends, this is definitely the place to come.

  • And you can always find funny English on lots of them too, so that’s always fun.

  • They also have this machine where you guys can print out photos, which I thought was really cool

  • because there’s a place where you can put in your memory card, all different kinds of memory cards

  • or you can attach your phone right to it and print out pictures from your cell phone!

  • They are 20 yen for one picture. If you need photos for a passport of something,

  • you can print those out for 100 yen.

  • This is also a good place for pet stuff.

  • If you guys have pets I would recommend coming here to pick out things

  • it’s a lot cheaper than a pet store

  • Nail clippers, harnesses for dogs, brushes.

  • They even sell these adorable plants here, for 100 yen. Aren’t they cute?

  • Also if youre in Japan to live, come to Daiso to stock up your house on stuff for cooking.

  • These are all little bento parts.

  • You can buy like the cutest things for your house and make it really colourful.

  • These are little punches for seaweed.

  • Pans for only a dollar!? That’s crazy! And knives.

  • Honestly, anything you need here for your house, cleaning stuff, it’s such a good deal.

Hey guys! Today I am at the Daiso in Harajuku.


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Amazing Japanese Dollar (100 yen) Store! DAISO 日本のダイソー最高です (Amazing Japanese Dollar (100 yen) Store! DAISO 日本のダイソー最高です)

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