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  • I'm in.

  • Have a hickey with Kelsey today.

  • We're freaking starving, so we have come to a happy that I've never been to before.

  • I saw the sign board outside looked yummy, so let's see what they have.

  • The name of the place is Noah, so it starts off with some desserts.

  • We go with melon ice cream and walk for days.

  • Cakes, coffee, jelly.

  • Who hears the waffle section?

  • That looks good.

  • I love Apple.

  • Maybe I'll get that one.

  • The price is.

  • And how did you find her?

  • A little more expensive than other places.

  • And there's not too many places to choose from the heat.

  • Look what they have here.

  • These air waffles, but they're not sweet.

  • Here's an egg salad.

  • Waffle tuna, waffle, a potato.

  • Silent.

  • What?

  • Well, that's interesting.

  • Oh, but you can still choose sweet toppings for the walk.

  • Okay, that's weird.

  • I don't know if I would like a sweet waffle with potato salad on the side.

  • Here's honey toast.

  • Honey toast is kind of like French toast, but basically it's just like a toast with honey on it.

  • It's very sweet, decided guys.

  • I'm gonna go with the apple, cinnamon, honey, waffle 780 I'm not gonna get a drink.

  • Gave us some ice water, so that's good enough.

  • That makes this looks delicious.

  • And you'll also notice that it How did you go in some of the main spots that all the menus will have English on.

  • So don't worry.

  • You know, one thing I love about Japan is wherever you go, you will get these wet napkins to wash your hands before you start you and it may not seem like a big deal, but I always notice when I back to Canada and they don't have a moment, I'm like, I want my wet tissue.

  • So, yes, I love that about Oh, my God, Guys, the waffles here.

  • And I swear it looks even better than it.

  • Did you check this out?

  • Yeah.

  • I don't know where to start.

  • Oh, my God.

  • He's probably one of the most delicious thing are they taste just like apple pie, which, believe it or not, depends anywhere.

  • It's so hard to find high.

  • I totally wrecked this place.

  • If you like sweets, but they also have some non sweet items as well.

  • So you don't want a sweet waffle they have when she toasted egg and that kind of stuff to damages.

  • Uh, but, yes, I totally recommend this place, and it's right across from the McDonald's.

  • If you come out of college infestation and you go down Turkish noti, which is shopping area, you'll see the McDonald's on the left side and Noah cafes right on the right side.

I'm in.


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