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  • Theo largest and busiest train station in all of the southern island of Kyushu, is Fukuoka City's Hakata station.

  • Whether you're coming by bullet train, regular train bus, the subway or even airplane I got.

  • The station is a central hub that is both the gateway to Kyushu and to US residents, a gateway to the rest of Japan.

  • There are 12 floors to talk at the station, and it could take days to wander through and see everything all at once.

  • But if you're visiting, hook at the station for the first time, here's some places you have to check out.

  • In the basement of who got the station is Hakata Comey Gey, a great place to buy all kinds of special Fukuoka souvenirs that you won't find anywhere else.

  • If you're looking for something sweet, why not check out this kiosk that sells sweets made with Lucas Famous?

  • A mouse.

  • Strawberries.

  • You can take the deserts to go or eat them on a table nearby, I always grab fresh fruit juice from Tokyo fruits.

  • Their menu changes depending on the season, but they're watermelon Juice is pretty darn good.

  • First floor back at the station is always bustling with people coming and leaving the station.

  • But if you're new to the city, this is a good place to grab.

  • Some information even have pamphlets in other languages and English.

  • Help available at the kiosk If you're starving for an authentic and affordable Japanese meal, right off the bat in the restaurants across from the bullet train entrance or the best place to go.

  • Oh, your daughter on the first floor is really cool because it recreates an authentic Japanese pub style Feel that selection of restaurants.

  • This is probably a good place to grab a beer and a snack after a long day of travel.

  • On the second floor is Hakata Mank Idol.

  • A must go for all Rahman lovers, as Fukuoka is famous for.

  • It's delicious Stone Cold's Rahman.

  • If you're looking for suggestions, I recommend checking out Shin Shin.

  • You can't go wrong with the original Shin Shin ramen, but my recommendation for a pro level Rahman lover is the men Tie AKI Rahman, a fried type Rahman mixed with Fukuoka is famous men Taeko Spicy fish eggs.

  • So you're a fan of the Roman.

  • You definitely gotta check this place.

  • Aside from restaurants, floors 1 to 8 of Hakata Station offer every type of shopping experience imaginable.

  • Tokyu Hands offers a variety of assorted products, from the Corky to the very useful and actually really practical.

  • And then we have many clothing stores.

  • There's Furniture store.

  • We even have our very own Pokemon Center way.

  • Have music stores and even a hobby shop for train enthusiasts.

  • One of my favorite places for a coffee break is this little spot located right behind the clock seen on the outside of the station.

  • Only three more floors nine and 10 a pack at the station are known as COO 10 a selection of restaurants that are better suited for special occasions or maybe dates.

  • There's also a movie theater on the ninth floor that shows both foreign and Japanese films.

  • Finally, you absolutely must visit the rooftop garden of talk at the station known as Bobby.

  • Nobody he don't travel through the three gates, and you will find that pseudo Jinja, a railway shrine dedicated to safe travels, come up here to catch some fresh air to gather your bearings, watch planes land at the airport or just to enjoy the scenery.

  • Welcome to Hawke on the station, and whether you're just arriving or you're about to take off, we hope that you enjoy your stay and travel safe.

Theo largest and busiest train station in all of the southern island of Kyushu, is Fukuoka City's Hakata station.


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Tour Of Hakata Station! Food, Shopping, Shrines and More! 九州への玄関、博多駅へようこそ! (Tour Of Hakata Station! Food, Shopping, Shrines and More! 九州への玄関、博多駅へようこそ!)

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