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  • hard you today, my friend Jodie.

  • He does like custom designs on all of his clothes, but we plan to meet here today to get pants like this made for me.

  • So around this area, there's a bunch of thrift stores like you's old pants.

  • And he's gonna write down on today, baby shark gonna buy that.

  • I'll buy the view.

  • They must mean Oh, my God.

  • Get it, Get it, get it, Get equipment!

  • It said me and my girl should buy it.

  • I'll buy it for you and your girlfriend and cute pajama the old way.

  • Crazy years.

  • You really press down on the little cute Paul look such a hard do your thing.

  • No, Look at this.

  • What is looking strawberry cheese?

  • It shifts the scum Staying with the fuck is that?

  • Do me a strawberry Joey with cheese and noodles.

  • Star be cheese.

  • Oh, so does that make it better, though?

  • You're a lot right.

  • All right, let's go.

  • Good birthday.

  • Yeah.

  • No, that's crazy.

  • Way you want it for your birthday?

  • No.

  • So we're debating that we put glue on green.

  • That probably wouldn't work.

  • Not enough this tree way Have to keep searching around to see if you can find some light that I'm Gene's.

  • This place has a lot to choose from.

  • I just can't find my size anywhere.

  • Way light color I'm looking for, but I don't know, but it looks like it fits.

  • There's no size on it.

  • It's kind of ripped pretty bad.

  • Has a butt cheek way.

  • Ones were here.

  • Not too tight.

  • There.

  • Light.

  • I need a belt.

  • That's the only thing but way under 25.

  • 2005.

  • 24.

  • Wait, That's good.

  • That's good.

  • Really Did not expect that.

  • Good.

  • Yeah, I kind of wish I got here.

  • You got three?

  • Yeah.

  • Try first time trying soup curry right here.

  • Spoon of rice to get in the way.

  • So good way.

  • Because they don't make me a good ***.

  • I don't get my block, but I still wish you would make my life another *** because I'm from the hood.

  • ***, don't make me.

  • I'm not what America would classify as a good *** because they love how articulate my words like I'm different from everybody that I grew up loves and fucking lived with way.

  • Just do it.

  • We fucking know I started staying half the home he started off selling drugs.

  • Who?

  • The hustle way.

  • Just get it by any means.

  • Had I seen less options, I'd do the same damn thing from the because from my brother, without a question not good enough because I know that she wouldn't get me anything but more paranoid and falsified pride in the fact I wasn't testing and brought him to my environment.

  • The fact that I have no right to take another man's life.

  • But if you touch my fucking brother Dick, I don't think twice e o.

  • They want to get a picture of me later.

  • He beat up a lot of money.

  • Like taking me to laugh with Uncle Mario.

  • Let me go get you running your No, I don't think I know you want to end up in the penitentiary around the end of the way.

  • Find one big running running attack.

  • Let's look around Sugar Reality.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Making music, making faces at making Maybe.

  • But they won't get a pick me later.

  • I beat up a little money.

hard you today, my friend Jodie.


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