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  • Hey guys, it’s Micaela, and this week I’m in Tokyo.

  • Sharla invited me up to Tokyo to collaborate with her on her project, so I decided to take

  • that opportunity to kind of take a little bit of an extended stay up here in Tokyo.

  • And I rented this Airbnb and I kinda wanted to show you because it was really cheap.

  • I always use Airbnb, I never stay in hotels anymore because, um, hotels are overpriced,

  • and they're small, and crowded, and just overall super lame.

  • So, I wanted to show you the airbnb that I got for this trip, this small visit to uh,

  • Tokyo.

  • First of all, this apart is old as balls, but I feel like, in Tokyo, you're really hard

  • pressed to find something that is close to the station, and affordable, and like, spacious,

  • and new.

  • I think if it was a new apartment, this would cost a fortune.

  • And, right away, we've got this nice spacious kitchen, which I quite like.

  • It's very simple.

  • Very spacious, you could stay here with a family I guess, have four people at the table.

  • You could even cook if you wanted to...There's a gas stove right here.

  • Oh, all the dishes are down here.

  • I kinda wish that our house was like, as clean as basic as this but yeah.

  • Um, so then we go the kitchen and we turn right, we've got a beautiful little living

  • room.

  • And I guess like, size-wise it's not a very big living room, but I guess the way they've

  • designed it, with the long couch, the small table, the small tv, tv stand, it feels big.

  • It feels big, and I love the red and the green combination.

  • It just makes the room look alive.

  • I actually, I think the, I think that these couches can make an extra bed.

  • Yeah, this definitely folds down.

  • So these fold down into like, two extra beds.

  • And, in the bedroom itself we have, two beds here.

  • These are very basic.

  • They're not, you know, the most comfortable beds in the world, but, they do the job.

  • And because I'm cheeky I slept in one the first night, and then I slept in this one

  • last night because I dunno, because I can.

  • Hotels in Tokyo, they'll run you anywhere between $80-150 a night, depending on the

  • location, and this was $41 a night, and it's like the size of 5 hotel rooms.

  • It's crazy.

  • Um, the one down side, as it is an old apartment, like, the bathroom is quite dirty.

  • This is the shower room.

  • I'll show you.

  • This is the shower room, and this is like the laundry, this is my towel, I used the

  • towels so they're kind of messy, but um, yeah, then, the bath is like this thing, with like

  • a little hose.

  • HOSE.

  • The toilet, actually the toilet room is quite cute, I like this, it's adorable.

  • And they decorated the door.

  • "Where do you plan to go on your next trip?"


  • And I can't get over how just like, spacious and comfortable and just like, wonderful this

  • apartment was, because, I dunno, I just like, I found it very relaxing.

  • I DID see a cockroach in the stairwell, and that, but I mean like cockroaches are just

  • such a thing in summer in Japan, like, if you live on one of the lower levels of an

  • apartment complex, you cannot avoid cockroaches.

  • They just get in everywhere.

  • And you know, like, they're..

  • They're cute?

  • I dunno.

  • I try not to think about them too much, like I don't love them, but I don't...

  • They're not going to ruin my day.

  • So yeah.

  • There was a cockroach in the stairwell, and it was huge, and it did startle me, but like

  • it didn't make me feel like this room was any less safe or clean or whatever.

  • Uh, yeah.

  • Um, I'm gunna put a link in the description to my referral link, because if you come to

  • Japan and you wanna try Airbnb, and you use my referral link, you will get like, I think

  • $30-40 dollars off your stay, and then I also get a referral bonus, and then I can stay

  • at more airbnbs.

  • If we could both get a discount, that'd be really nice, because then when I come up and

  • visit Tokyo I don't spend as much money on accomodation, and I can spend it on other

  • things!

  • Yay.

  • Alright, I gotta go, my friend's waiting for me, but yeah.

  • Talk to you again soon, bye!

Hey guys, it’s Micaela, and this week I’m in Tokyo.


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