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  • Hi what's up! My name is Einshine!

  • This is Sharla

  • I'm sorry, go on Sharla

  • Hi~ (Is this for my channel?)

  • Yah it's for you

  • OH. Hey guys!

  • Me and Einshine are going to be doing a meet up

  • So this is just a short announcement video about that!

  • On October 31st from 3-5pm

  • We will be meeting up with you guys in Yoyogi Park!

  • Yoyogi Park is very big, so we're gonna choose one place to meet up

  • and we choose the fountain!

  • There's a fountain in the middle of the park

  • It's easy to find, if you can't find it just ask directions

  • You can say: "funsui ha doko desu ka?"

  • It's simple, you just gotta keep on walking

  • It's right in the middle, so just head into the park and you'll find it

  • Yes we will be there from 3-5pm on Halloween Day Oct. 31st (Saturday)

  • If you would like, please wear a costume! Because it's Halloween

  • So we're going to be wearing our costumes, so look for these!

  • This is what we will look like

  • The cosplay is Danganronpa 2 - one of our favourite games of all time

  • She is Sonia Nevermind

  • And he's Hinata Hajime

  • So yeah, we're going to be wearing our cosplay

  • So if you guys have cosplay, or costumes or anything Halloweenish that you can wear, please do that!

  • If you don't have anything, don't worry!

  • You can just come with your normal clothes, that's fine too

  • If you think you can make it, please leave a comment down below and let us know

  • So we have an idea of about how many people will show up

  • I guess that's it, so hope to see you guys there!! Bye!!

  • October 31st 3-5pm at the fountain in Yoyogi Park

Hi what's up! My name is Einshine!


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TOKYO MEET UP!! 代々木公園でオフ会やります! (TOKYO MEET UP!! 代々木公園でオフ会やります!)

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