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  • My name is Michaela, and it is cool in here.

  • I have my hot poppy and my place and I'm bending down really low to get a frame after we took it to a nonsense and let him have a nice we visited macaroni and cheese.

  • Oh, God or Kona Aquarium.

  • Aquarium is special because they allow you to visit the aquarium with your pet.

  • Next we visited the seal show and they were so cute.

  • They're famous.

  • Trick is pretending that there is a nonsense, which is what?

  • No so smart, So cute.

  • Finally, he stopped at a gift shop which craft special boxes out of wood harvested from the hills.

  • While they look like ordinary boxes only outside, you actually have to follow a certain number of steps in order for the boxes open way.

  • That's where this must have been some kind of magician, because the way he designed this box is absolutely magical.

  • Way tried her hand at making one ourselves way are I have my very own original secret box.

  • It only opens if you open it a certain way.

  • E I had so much fun in Hakone and I know that kid did too And sometimes it's nice places that are pet friendly as well.

  • Have you ever tried traveling with your pet?

  • Let me know in the comments until next Friday.

  • Have a great week and I'll see you soon.

  • Bye.

My name is Michaela, and it is cool in here.


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A2 初級

[いつも仲間と!] Pets, Aquariums, Magic Boxes in Hakone 箱根の魔法の箱 ([いつも仲間と!] Pets, Aquariums, Magic Boxes in Hakone 箱根の魔法の箱)

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