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  • No, wait.

  • Yeah, so I came back to Hokkaido.

  • It's my third time back here, and obviously you can tell I really like it here.

  • Mostly because of the Zika family.

  • They're all super kind.

  • The whole family's like a skater family.

  • There's like three brothers.

  • They all skate.

  • There's Takia, whose oldest there's the time was the middle Child and then Rita, which is the youngest little two year old baby, Both taka, Utah.

  • I think they're only one year apart, so their skill level is pretty similar, and it's cool to see them both be this good at skating.

  • Their dad is really supportive.

  • As you can tell, with Rita, he's getting really quick.

  • But seeing like to super good skaters like feed off each other and just, like do crazy tricks, it's insane.

  • I got a God among men.

  • I think you should be worried about my booth.

  • Tell me what I gotta do it, my friend and me and Santo different energy that you wanted me to see a benefit and that way being negligent ***.

  • First line impressed because predators bitch trying to be like friends called 30 alone in the water, got a stronghold on one out.

  • Wait with your but it all tushie out like, four times a week.

  • No one really good brother.

  • Brother for his little brother.

  • Baby brother, Wait, What I think More strong way he looks tougher.

  • All right, arm wrestle Talk is the older brother.

  • But you're looking a little booth heat in just two months ago.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • You're a good friend for maybe you ally.

  • Okay, so the what's obvious?

  • Super spicy.

  • Oh, my God, You're so horrible.

  • You're the worst way.

No, wait.


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