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  • We're new hair salon today and lost your question.

  • Usually talk about Japanese hair salons, and I kind of like avoiding doing it because I've only had really bad experiences there.

  • But today I'm going to get my fingers crossed that it's gonna turn out better than usual.

  • So yeah, wish me luck, baby.

  • Right?

  • Midi should be a 10.

  • So this is located in Chiba on.

  • Apparently, this is like a pretty popular salon.

  • Lots of the Japanese models go here, so I really, really hope they do a good job with my hair over another way.

  • Awesome thing about Jaffe Swanson.

  • They always give you, like, super fancy drinks.

  • Like it's not just water or tea.

  • Like this is a green smoothie.

  • It's got fruit and personally in it and waffle with strawberry sauce.

  • Oh, and I have purple hair.

  • Did you hide the money?

  • Yeah, I think I love this color.

  • I'm really happy.

  • That has never happened before.

  • I definitely slowing.

  • It always goes like, really funky colors.

  • So, yeah, I really recommend this salon.

  • They did such an amazing job.

  • Something that no other slot has been able to do here.

  • For me, at least anyway, is having one blondish hair seems to be really difficult to keep up in Japan.

  • So you're a foreigner and you're nice.

  • Killer took out Mary Salon and I will put all the information down below on Silas name and everything.

  • So P s awesome robot animate thing in the background.

  • Gotta love she bia.

We're new hair salon today and lost your question.


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