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  • Greenland is only home to 56,000 people but in recent weeks has become the center of global geo political intrigue.

  • U.

  • S President Donald Trump's offer to buy the world's biggest island and the subsequent rejection by both Greenland in Denmark has focused attention on the strategic importance of the Arctic.

  • Here in the Greenlandic capital of nook, there's an acknowledgement that, well, they don't want to return to the days of colonial land purchases.

  • There is a need for foreign investment, both the boost the local economy and to help push Greenland towards independent, which is the goal of many here.

  • Fishing is the big industry currently on.

  • The boss of the biggest local company says that if the U.

  • S s serious about looking Maura Greenland, in areas such as mining tourism, it would be welcome.

  • We have an interest in and working together with American companies in the business in Greenland, there's a big thing.

  • Is the minerals andare, no businesses agreement who are able to lift a big mining operation.

  • Anything like that.

  • We don't have one.

  • The knowledge and we don't have the money, so we need We are dependent on investments from the outside, and I can assure you that in investments from the U.

  • S.

  • Justice work up today, as they were yesterday.

  • Most Greenland is would like independence one day from Denmark.

  • This former prime minister believes that Mr Trump may have just given them a boost.

  • Now won't path towards independency requires that we think and play our cards right in this matter after Trump's stunt.

  • This is also giving us a new opportunity to to thrive for independence based on our strategic location based on our strategic location in the new Arctic, the new northern sea route, but also within the treaty agreements between other countries.

  • Green and it's important to the wall economy because of our location.

  • Terrorism is one of the industry's Greenland is hoping to use to put its economy on a firm footing on the country's tourism chief thinks President Trump's comments have put them on the map.

  • Almost every international newspaper or TV channel has had thes news the past week off course.

  • We want to use that curiosity and attention for something positive because we're aiming for more tourists and definitely all also more American tourists.

  • It's not just the US that's interested in Greenland, Canadian and Australian companies, air here or the Chinese also keen to invest as climate change causes the ice around Greenland to melt, bringing the prospect of mining and oil exploration.

  • Attention on this vast island in the far north is only expected to increase.

  • Donald Trump is unlikely to be the last leader to show a sudden interest in Greenland.

Greenland is only home to 56,000 people but in recent weeks has become the center of global geo political intrigue.


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グリーンランドはトランプ効果を利用したいと考えています。 (Greenland hopes to capitalise on the Trump effect | FT)

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