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  • way have come Thio, a shop that sells traditional Japanese souvenirs.

  • Check out this Q 20 number, Eyes 20.

  • Got me is like the little shits paper that used to take oil.

  • You know, they look like this just like this.

  • And they come.

  • And the super adorable packages Japanese Oh, I love they're all made from different fabric, their traditional Japanese.

  • But at the same time, they brought this like modern touch them.

  • I love it.

  • You are looking for some souvenirs for your family.

  • I recommend this store.

  • They got lots of really cool things A little.

  • It's a little cotton.

  • Oh, I love it.

  • There's really something for everyone here in these cute little pen cases.

  • You could put makeup brushes in here.

  • Check these other paperclip shaped like mountain fuji.

  • Those are adorable.

  • They've got all kinds of paper clips, not just Fiji sun.

  • They have cherry blossoms and deer from not of.

  • I recommend that you visited a deer and now they are so adorable.

  • Cat heaven in the store, like I way have some sweets shaped like Mount Fuji.

  • Everything in this story is adorable.

  • These air, these little scented pouches on your clothes Michaela has found some pretty sweet dear.

  • When you pull the string that something like fortunate, let's buy them and see what kind of messages Are you.

  • Okay, you guys.

  • This one, this one's on me.

way have come Thio, a shop that sells traditional Japanese souvenirs.


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Japanese Souvenir Shopping 羽田空港-日本のお土産やさん (Japanese Souvenir Shopping 羽田空港-日本のお土産やさん)

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