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  • This is my dog kit, and today we're going on a little date.

  • Did you know that you've got grassing him?

  • That's weird.

  • That's weird.

  • Why you grassing him up?

  • What are you doing?

  • When you live in the city?

  • In Japan, it can be hard to let your dog just be a dog.

  • Small parks and enclosures exist in residential areas, but since there for the public can't exactly let your dog creek.

  • So I try to make it up to kit by planning dates and excursions.

  • Not all taxi drivers or pet friendly.

  • But if you're patient enough, eventually someone stops.

  • And let's see in this usually only works with smaller dogs, though they either ask you to hold him on your lap or put them by your feet.

  • I've done this quite a few times with kids, so he's pretty used to it.

  • Now.

  • Today we're heading to Fukuoka Tower and Momochi Beach.

  • He's a pretty popular tourist spots here in Fukuoka City, but since it's gonna rain today, I'm kind of hoping the beach will be less Tonio.

  • As you might expect, it wasn't so interested in taking tourist photos, but he waas pretty interested in meeting other tourists.

  • Momochi beaches, a manmade beach and resort area.

  • The closest beach, Difficult City, complete with restaurants and a wedding chapel.

  • It's a fun place to hang out when the weather's nice.

  • And one thing I'm really happy about is how these restaurants are dog friendly, meaning you can enjoy a nice meal in the company of your finest furry friends.

  • This is no chemical, which is like an egg hamburger on right fan to sell it.

  • Good boy.

  • Yeah, normally, I might feel kind of weird about coming to a place like this on my own.

  • But with kids by my side, I feel like I have a purpose or an excuse.

  • Who needs human friends when you've got a handsome man like kit as your escort.

  • Anyway, keep this your name, and so today I'm on a date with my dog.

  • Hey, how's it going, kid?

  • How do you like the way we go now?

  • He's ready to play.

  • Come on.

  • They're definitely lots of places now in Fukuoka that I can visit with the dog, which is nice because, you know, like some people don't think that that's our important members of a family.

  • But you know, he thinks he's an important member of the family, and I think he's an important member of the family and say what you want.

  • You know, maybe he's just an animal.

  • And he doesn't understand the significance of being able to eat human restaurant.

  • But, you know, for him he gets to stay with his people, his pack, his family.

  • And that means a lot to him.

  • And he also gets to be exposed to new environments on new smells.

  • No comeback can't chase gumball.

  • You can't chase the ball.

  • You can watch the ball.

  • You can't chase it When we're out on the beach.

  • She gets to have the sand under his feet, which he doesn't get to experience in the apartment or in the city, even in the city is just pavement, sometimes grass.

  • You know, um and then also for me, there's the benefit of, you know, maybe not always having someone to hang out with, But I could go out and hang out with my dog, you know, Um, so it's good good to hang out with kids.

  • Go national.

  • You told me you were gonna hop in a taxi and go home because it's gonna rain.

  • And once it rains, I don't think anyone's gonna let us in the car.

  • So go now.

  • Yeah.

  • So how do you spend time with your dog?

  • Are you someone who believes in letting a dog be a part of the human world?

  • Or do you think the dogs should be just treated as dogs?

  • I'm kind of interested.

  • So let me know in the comments.

This is my dog kit, and today we're going on a little date.


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