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  • Meteo, come in and take that much ISS.

  • He could get to my ship.

  • Channel Yamada.

  • Thank you.

  • That someone group calling coming on each toe body stuck there.

  • Chi coming.

  • I call working.

  • I know what time this kid think.

  • Hamish.

  • This he's gone.

  • No, no, J one j one.

  • Did you Did you come into this so more being good.

  • Coming here to Carina again.

  • There.

  • Come on.

  • They don't know.

  • No.

  • What does she be?

  • A no northern thanking me.

  • They're called almost on this girl.

  • I'm not gonna be much stuff Judah gave grownup.

  • I'm letting key that.

  • Kramer, stop.

  • Uh, Coleman.

  • Nothing Good.

  • I this days meet us, Christine.

  • What?

  • I must your Mangal Singh.

  • Good idea.

  • Kramer, stop.

  • I know comedy needs ends and quash nine dead.

  • I think you know this kid so quick.

  • They mean many say this lens after Mickey Mouse cooked it a 10.

  • 30.

  • Do you?

  • I hope the zoom and dick You don't know 31 10 Got sticky models double did you?

  • So this stuff No talking anymore.

  • Thymus pinko.

  • And I got the list.

  • Could eat all the talk.

  • No, Thymus.

  • Look at that.

  • Does my Mom, you're saying goodbye, Publius in this Get over Pink ghost.

  • Why don't you stop done theirs?

  • Canada, There can be no side.

  • My surrender.

  • You seen this comet?

  • So you know.

  • Good of you.

  • Well, you know how you feel.

  • Me, China.

  • Mommy moved it in there.

Meteo, come in and take that much ISS.


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A2 初級

めっちゃ可愛いカメラ~♪ Super cute camera!!! Nikon J1 (めっちゃ可愛いカメラ~♪ Super cute camera!!! Nikon J1)

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