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  • guy's house.

  • Good.

  • My name is Michaela and it is cold in here.

  • Why's it so cold in here?

  • What?

  • Mikayla, you are from Canada.

  • Your people do not get cold.

  • I actually think I feel colder in Japan than I do in Canada.

  • For a multitude of reasons.

  • One is the humidity.

  • We get a lot of rain, not so much snow.

  • And the coldness really feels like it sticks to your bones all over your body.

  • The bones all over your body.

  • Does that make sense?

  • Another reason why Japanese winter feels colder than a Canadian winter is because in Canada it's only cold if you're outside and houses are generally well insulated in Japan, this is not the case.

  • So what are some ways that Japanese people stay warm in the winter?

  • One.

  • They literally cover themselves in layers upon layers upon layers of clothes, to they stuff their pockets with hand warmers.

  • Three.

  • We stand in front of the heater.

  • I love you.

  • Keep me warm forever.

  • Four is or five they use a special drink called This'll is Japanese.

  • Yakult.

  • Yo may shoot.

  • It's medicinally alcohol.

  • It contains 14 medicine.

  • All ingredients such as ginseng turmeric and clothes in Japan.

  • They say that when you feel cold all the time, or if you're someone who feels cold easily, it's usually because of he.

  • Michelle.

  • He has show is a condition where you have poor blood circulation and therefore you feel cold all the time by drinking.

  • You'll make sure you'll improve your blood circulation and therefore you'll be less likely to get chills.

  • They say that you're supposed to drink 20 milliliters before you go to bed, which happens to be right now for me.

  • I don't know if you could tell them about under eye circles, but it is time for me to catch some disease.

  • So I think this is a perfect time for me to try a Japanese film issue.

  • Look, it even comes with a cop so you can measure your 20 Millie terrorists.

  • So I guess I'm gonna do that.

  • It kind of smells like medicine, but see how it tastes.

  • Bottoms up.

  • Well, that's not bad at all.

  • That tastes really like, um, like cinnamon.

  • When you drink it, you can kind of feel it going down into your body and, like I can feel it getting warmer like right in my eye.

  • I don't even know what this is.

  • But in this area, hopefully this will make the winter a little more bearable.

  • Hello.

  • Another really cool thing about YEOM issue right now is that they're having a campaign to get this giant body below in the shape of a formation bottle.

  • If you're interested in knowing more about that, check the link in the description.

  • How do you handle the cold weather?

  • Let me know in the comments.

  • And I'll see you soon.

  • McGee.

  • Sushi, Which is the vinegar rice on the bottom and the neta fish on the top.

  • You got shrimp?

  • We've got egg.

  • We've got on ago.

  • We've got salmon, We've got everything.

guy's house.


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日本の冬寒過ぎる!寒さ対策に養命酒と抱き枕! Japanese Winter is too Cold. Let's Drink Yomeishu! (日本の冬寒過ぎる!寒さ対策に養命酒と抱き枕! Japanese Winter is too Cold. Let's Drink Yomeishu!)

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