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  • Tucked away in the tiny city of Kunisaki in Oita Prefecture,

  • is an abandoned elementary school that’s filled with cardboard boxes.

  • And inside those cardboard boxes, arewell, to put it simply, even more cardboard

  • boxes.

  • That’s because D-torso is a company that turns cardboard boxes into unique and detailed

  • designs.

  • And when this elementary school was forced to close due to declining population,

  • that’s when D-Torso moved in and turned it into their factory.

  • Walking through the halls of an elementary school that has been decorated with skeletal

  • animal figures made out of cardboard is definitely a surreal experience.

  • Oh my god!

  • Oh my god!

  • Oh Fantastic!

  • Fantastic, it’s amazing.

  • This is so cool theyve actually made this old elementary school into a cardboard box

  • factory where they can make almost anything?

  • practically anything out of cardboard boxes, so check this out!

  • Chihuahuas!

  • These guitars are super cool too!

  • I find it really, a little bit creepy and alarming that none of these mannequins have

  • heads.

  • But he says its easier for them to show off the clothes theyre wearing if they don’t

  • have faces.

  • Except for this one which has the head of a horse.

  • Why did you decide to work with boxes?

  • Simply because theyre cheap.

  • Ahaha, it’s as simple as that!

  • What was the very first design that you made?

  • We made mannequins but mannequins aren’t exactly something you can sell a lot of, but

  • we got requests for cats and dogs and slowly our repertoire began to expand after that.

  • Just a casual mushroom kingdom in a hallway, no big deal.

  • This is so cool!

  • And right above weve got some pteryldactyls.

  • The school staff room is now their office, where they think up new designs, and ultimately,

  • figure out how theyre going to put them all together.

  • This one is wearing shoes.

  • Oh youre right!

  • These are so cool, I wanna buy all of them and just build them and make a house full

  • of cardboard animals.

  • Something that looks more or less exactly like this classroom but like, in my house.

  • And then I would invite all my friends over and we would sit in my little cardboard zoo

  • and we would never leave.

  • Nobody would ever leave.

  • And nobody would ever be sad, they’d always be happy, because they’d be surrounded by

  • cardboard boxes shaped like godzilla and dinosaurs and animals, it would be perfect!

  • Come over!

Tucked away in the tiny city of Kunisaki in Oita Prefecture,


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Cardboard Box Elementary School 大分県の不思議なダンボール小学校 (Cardboard Box Elementary School 大分県の不思議なダンボール小学校)

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