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Good morning, guys! I'm in Harajuku with Sophie today and we're gonna go to a Sailor Moon cafe.
Sophie booked us a seat, like, a month in advance.
You look so cute.
And look at her purse!
Oh, yeah!
She got it from WC. We gotta stop by there. I haven't been there in a while.
They have the cutest stuff.
Erm, we're in Harajuku. It's a Monday, and I was all like "oh yay, a Monday it's gonna be nice!" but no, it's a holiday.
Totally forgot it was a holiday, so we're gonna have to make our way through this crowd.
Probably not going to be able to go in any of the stores.
Look, we're famous!
Has that been there the whole time?
I never noticed the eyeball with arms.
So this is WC.
I really recommend this store. This is my favourite store in all of Harajuku.
Oh wow!
Oh they still have them!
Yeah. They've also got like a banana one.
Oh, banana milk.
Oh, cute shirt!
I love this one.
Oh, I like the love potion one. Oh, that's so cute.
I really wanna get, like, a t-shirt with a strawberry on it.
and then I could wear, like, a white tennis skirt, and then like a pink shirt with a strawberry on it.
If anywhere has one, they'll have one here.
Oh, that's so cute!
What are those? Are they just big plushies?
Yeah. I think so.
Are those phone cases?
Pass cases maybe?
Yeah, they're pass cases.
They're so extra, though.
I know.
Mmm, yep, I dunno.
Oh, that heartbreaker shirt is cute!
I need something for the G-Dragon concert. Oooh.
Ooh, that's cute.
Oh my the god, the hairs would like drag on the ground.
They're really cute though! I love furry sandals.
At least with the black ones you wouldn't be able to tell.
Yeah, I guess.
This is cute.
So satisfying.
Woah, that's awesome.
It's so cute.
They have a really nice yukata section in WEGO if you guys are looking for yukata.
Lots of accessories and different obi sandals.
We're just going to head into Kiddy Land now. Hopefully it's not too crowded.
On busy days this store can get crazy!
Oh, they're so soft!
Oh my god, these are so cute!
Oh, they're like tsum tsums.
They're so soft! I just wanna touch them
It's just the same one. His head looks kinda big, right?
Oh, look at that! 'Just beeing me'.
Is it candy? Yeah, honey candy. Aww!
'Let's bee friends. Bee what you want'.
These are all really cute.
I don't even like Winnie the Pooh that much, but these are cute.
Are these like actual honey?
I love this stuff.
I want the shark.
Oh, these are cute.
What the hell?
The sheep is really cute.
Looks at its little tongue.
This is so cool.
It would be so fun.
They have Sadako ones. Oh my god.
Look at these Pokemon bath bombs.
You get toys inside of them.
I've never seen these ones before. Five dollars.
I could get a Lush bath bomb.
Right, for that price?
This one probably isn't for sale.
Oh my god.
I like the dinosaur.
I love the ones where he's like holding food.
Like, I think these ones are so cute.
I've got this ice-cream one back home.
Oh, I have this one!
Do you?
Yeah, someone sent it to me.
It's like my favourite plushie.
Oh, it's so cute!
It's like Marow.
Well that was fun. I wanted everything in there.
The pusheen!
We're rushing to the cafe now because we're kinda late.
We spent a little too much time in there.
So we're going to a Sailor Moon Cafe today.
It's not permanently a Sailor Moon Cafe, it's like a...
What's the word?
Seasonal. Seasonal. Limited time thing.
Which is ending soon, I think.
It's at Q-pot Cafe here in Ometesando
We'ev arrived. I think we got here just on time.
So we're seated at our table now. This place is so cute.
The teacup is really adorable, but look at the price. Thirty dollars.
And Sophie was saying that if it's a big one then it's worth it.
And I'm the same. Like, I love huge mugs.
And if it's tiny, like some of the other, like -
Is it tiny? Oh, it looks big?
It doesn't look massive, but it's a decent size.
Alright, I'm going to try my twenty dollar soda.
It's really good. It's grapefruit flavour, but not like bitter grapefruit.
It's sweet, and...
It's pretty good! I'm not, I'm not disappointed.
It's not worth twenty dollars, but it's nice.
This cafe is a lot more expensive than your typical themed cafe.
But they're known for having drinks and food that actually tastes good.
Which is not something you can say about those other themed cafes.
They're all very 'meh'.
Erm, I've never had something at one of them that tasted really amazing.
It's more like you're surprised if it tastes good.
Like good at all.
So this is really yummy.
This is the best drink I've ever had at a themed cafe,
And the cafe is pretty damn amazing.
Sophie is eating, like, the most delicious looking parfait ever.
It's not just good.
It's so good.
It's like custard cream and ice-cream and raspberry.
Mmm, yeah.
And then it's got like cornflakes down here, it looks like.
Hmm, if you ever make it down there. If you make it down there.
Oh, yeah!
I bet it's some kind of mousse or something, or jelly.
This is like creamy. It looks like it's melted ice-cream, but it's not. It's like all cream.
I'm going to dig into some strawberries off of this fruit tart.
So, this is like ridiculously expensive.
Sophie was saying that it's like forty dollars.
But you do get to keep the plate. So basically, like, you're paying for the plate.
Which is very beautiful.
It smells amazing. These better be good strawberries.
I feel bad for wrecking it.
I know, right. You don't wanna touch it.
They're like works of art.
This thing is intriguing.
We just finished inside the cafe.
We're outside. It's raining now, but we're going to check out the little store they have
where they sell some really expensive jewellery,
but it's probably really pretty so let's take a look at it.
Are those rings?
Yeah, those are rings.
I like the gummy rings.
And then the gummy ones.
And there's Neptune, Pluto and Uranus.
Look at the price of this. Look at the price of that!
Oh my goodness!
Are you kidding me?!
I'm gonna end the vlog here because it's just started to rain
it's going to be really difficult to vlog the rest of our day,
but I hope you guys enjoyed that.
Make sure you go check out Sophie's channel, if you're not subscribed to her already.
I will link you down below and I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video.


We Went to the Cutest SAILOR MOON CAFE in Tokyo

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