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What the heck~
Hi guys!
I'm here with Rachel and someone new to introduce you to
Well actually lots of you probably know who he is
Because he's super famous and popular!
He hates it when I say that
I'm not popular!
This is Shine! He has a channel, check it out!
I'll link it down below
And today we're going to be eating some gross candy!
I've really been wanting to try this one
because it's kind of different
You guys probably know Neru Neru Neru Ne
I have two different kinds of those here
I'm sure you've seen these before
It's like this foam stuff that you dip in other stuff
I've never had it! It looks good
Really?? Ok, Rachel thinks it looks yummy
I like the rainbow colours
This looks good though
This is interesting
You make this mystery liquid stuff
and then you put a stick in it
and then you can pull gummy candy out of it and it hardens?
It looks like cotton candy
Yeah I dunno... I feel like if any of them have potential, this one does
All right, what one should we start with guys?
This one!
Ok, we're gonna start with the best one?
We should save the best one for last
Let's start with the neru neru neru ne
So it's got little ramune candies that you dip it in
So all you need to make this guys is some water!
And everything else it comes with apparently
Where'd you put the water?
It's right there
Maro!! Maro pass me the water!!
So prepare your water!
It's even got this cute little measuring cup
All right ummmm...
So take the #1 powder and put it in the big round circle
What's step 2
Put the other powder in there
#2? In to the middle of this one?
Okay, now we're gonna mix it
I think this one's like blue
Whoa bluuuue
Oh wait...
Oh wait?????
Guys GUYS we made a mistake
It says we have to put water in
Then put the #2 in...
Do you think it really matters??
I think it does...
All right guys, don't do what we did
Step 2 is actually...
You're the Japanese one! You should have read that properly
You're making it my fault?!
I was about to get the water and you guys just put it in
Omg agh this is just a disaster
Okay where did the spoon go?
Look at it
It's green, it's supposed to be blue!
Oooh look at it
You hear that sound?
Oh it looks so gross
Is it supposed to be like this?
It smells nice!
It's okay.
It's getting foamy!
Do I have to eat it?
Hey you're the one that said this looked yummy
I thought it was gonna be a solid
Oh you did!? No it's like a foamy slime
Do we have to eat it?
All of it.
This is what we do for YouTube
It's getting thicker and thicker
Let's keep mixing it until it's fluffier
It won't become fluffier I don't think
Yeah it will cuz if you mix something long enough you just add air
But I feel like it's gonna be more gross
No I think it's getting grosser. Let's stop ^^;
All right guys, step 1 is done
So these are the candies that you're gonna dip your slime in
Why is it slime?
I think Rachel should go first cuz she said it looked good!
I didn't think it would be like this!!
Are you ready?
Grab a big scoop of it and then dip it in the candies
You're stalling
I had it on my thumb!
The crunching sounds disgusting
I feel like the crunchy things are the best part
It doesn't taste that gross
Yeah it's like sour
Sour and sweet. It's actually kinda good!
Tastes like candy
lol as if
It's not bad
Oh it's kinda good actually
Yeah it's like sour and sweet. Really stereotypical candy flavour
It's like these rocket candies in liquid form
Just sitting here is making me feel sick
Your turn~♫
Do I have to eat it really?
Yes you have to eat it!
It's actually not that bad! It's better than I was expecting.
No? What do you rate it out of 10?
All right guys this is the next one
So it's similar to the one we just did
We're gonna mix it properly this time so it's pretty
and we get the 2 colours
Instead of dipping it into candies it's got shards
We should read the steps before we do it
That's where we went wrong! It woulda been swirly!
Yeah like pretty colours
This one is purple and pink
It looks pretty
Why are these all like bashed in?
Honestly this has been in my closet for like a year, so...
Ooohhhh did you hear that?!
She's making us eat this!
It's not expired I checked the date
Why can't YouTube collabs be nice?
As in, let's go dance!
Or like... let's go to a 5 star restaurant!
It's always like, let's eat something disgusting!
This even looks more disgusting
It smells super grape-y
Ew the texture of this one is weird. Look at it!
You still have to mix step 2, don't mix it too much
And then we just mix it?
Ummmm I think like gently or something
I wonder what the other one is
This one has lemon in it
Whyyy it's not pretty colours!!!
Oh wait whoa whoa whoaaaaa
It all of a sudden changed colour!
Ok that's creepy
That could not be healthy
Oh because last time he put too much water in...
Ahh yeah we've got less water in this time
Are you blaming it on me???
Oh this is so pretty!
I like the colours!
We should buy these just so we can use the sprinkles for cupcakes
Just buy it separately!
Me first?
Oh gosh...
Cheers guys, cheers
Just as good as the last one?
He's not even swallowing it
Don't go spitting it out in the corner of my room or anything
Ew it's so thick this time!
It's like marshmallow. Like melted marshmallow.
This one tastes like cough syrup
It tastes like grape
The pop candies are not popping
It's so old it's not popping!
I don't think they're supposed to be pop candies
No they're just candy chips!
It's so old it's not popping... lol
It's a weird texture
Honestly these Neru neru neru ne ones... they're fun to make and look at
and the colour changing part, that was fun!
But to eat, not so much
We didn't rate that one
Well because it was like cough syrup, the flavour was horrible
I have like aftertaste, it's like numbing my tongue
That's not good
I'll give it a 4 for tongue numbing
I don't have the tongue numbing problem so that's kinda scary
Maybe 5?
I give it -8
Why are you guys so nice?
Time for Gumi Tsureta!
Which means like Fishing for Gummies
This one has potential
I think we need to be careful to make this properly
I've never made this before so I dunno
It looks kinda complicated
Maybe you should read the instructions
So put 4 cups of water into the... why is there a straw?
Ohhh that's what you use to fish for gummies
Why not some small stick
4 cups of water into the round thing
There is hair! There is cat hair on it!
I'm afraid for you pouring water
I recommend putting a little bit more because last time was disgusting
Yeah it was too thick
I don't know... I think we should follow the instructions
It's such a mess
On this side?
Ummmm yes
Ok #1
Ok! Pouring #1!
And the bubble sauce on this side
Why is it so weird
Eww it's making like a soup
Oh stop it please. I feel gross...
Ohhh it's foaming
Oh that's not a good sign
Whoa it's foaming like crazy!
Ewwww it's like foamy~
I dunno, what are we supposed to do
Wait, what?
Put the bent straw into the goo
And then you pour all of it, do I pour all of it on?
This is too complicated!
All right guys, here we go
Ooo pretty colours
Then you just pull the straw straight up?
If we mess it up we only have one shot D;
This is a lot of pressure
Lift the straw slowly
WHOAAAA it's like a sheet
That's really weird
What the heckkkk
Ewwww look at it
What the heck
It looks like a... filleted fish
It looks like a tongue
Oh it's breaking OH GOD AGHHH
It can't go back in Sharla, save it!
Yaaaaaaaay! K who wants to eat it
Not me
This one actually kinda looks appetising
But you have to dip it in the...
No you don't
I'll eat this part
Don't we have to?
Yeah? Okay...
Because that's the whole thing ya know
WHY ME Why every time me
Ok I haven't gone first yet so I'll go first
The texture... did you feel it?
Not itadakimasu. There's no itadakimasu.
Mmm I like this one
Is it really good?
I don't like that
I feel like it doesn't need it. WHY.
It's just kinda gross, the foam
But the gummy part is good
The gummy part is good right?
It's just like a really soft gummy
It's better than -8 though right?
No. No....
I feel like this is definitely better than the other ones
Haha are you spitting it out?
If it was a firmer gummy I'd be ok with it
Ahhh it's not firm enough?
Oh god
Shine is dying in the background
So we're just gonna continue the program without him
I like this one the best
Which one? Really?
Yeah the first one
Yeah me too
And then -8, then what's this?
Really? You don't like this one?
It's terrible
I kinda like the gummy part
No the gummy has this weird plastic aftertaste
Oh the foam is horrible
Like that does not taste edible
I really feel like I shouldn't be eating that
Thank you for having me today
Keep in mind, this is my first collab in Japan!
The foam THE FOAM
Well I hope you enjoyed your first collab in Japan
I hope this was a great experience for you
It was a good experience
Make sure to check out Shine's channel!
and Rachel's channel!
Thanks for watching guys! Bye! xD;
Ew did it pour everywhere??
I think it did
I need to get my glasses to see
What a disaster xD;
This candy is horrible


JAPANESE CANDY FAIL Ft. Einshine & Rachel ねるねるねるね作ってみた

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 24 日 に公開
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