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Aiko: Hello world ! Where I'm from, this is a vacation to Shikine-jima !
Dad: Aiko where are we ?
A: We are in a ferry boat.
D: And this is Rainbow Bridge
A: The boat is traveling from Tokyo to Shikine-jima.
We have to catch the boat at 11 o'clock at night.
This room is like..where people sleep
This is kind of like a parking lot.
Where the car is
Sleeping in the ferry
Gotta go
we put a
blanket on the ground and then we put on
another blanket on our bodies so it's comfortable. D: I think for adults
It wasn't as comfortable, kids don't weigh so much but for adults. It was like sleeping on really thin carpet
Do you remember what time they woke us up for the first stop?
A: 6 or something?
D: No. It was 4 o'clock in the morning.
They woke us up at 4 o'clock in the morning.
A: Oh no! Why?
D: And they turn on all the lights.
So they have these announcements, "Everybody get off the boat!"
Speaker: As this ship heads for the next port of call soon after you get off--
We would be happy if you could leave the ship as soon as possible.
D: Because there's seven different islands
South of Tokyo. And so this is the first island that the ferries stopped at.
Did you notice there are school kids on the boat?
A: No I didn't know that
D: Don't those look like school kids?
A: Yeah, they do.
D: You know what's in the bags? A: No. D: Bikes.
A: Bikes? D: Yeah, there's bikes. There have these bikes. See? They can just build their bikes back up.
A: Oh.
D: And did you see this happen? A: No. D:These are shipment containers.
There are lots of stuff in there
And that's how a lot of-- they get a lot of their goods. Right see all those boxes?
A: Ohh..
D: Yeah, that's what we get stuff on the island.
Did you see this guy? A: Yeah. I saw that guy and like, he had a doggy-- like woof woof woof!
D: What's that? A: Shikine-jima? D: No, that's Fuji san. Mt. Fuji.
This is Niijima we're stopping at.
A: Nijima?
D: Yeah, we didn't get off here.
You know those are? Those are surfboards.
We saw some surfers right?
A: Yeah.
D: And this is Shikinejima.
Oh, there's your cousins.
A: Shouko and Yuko
D: What does that say, that sign?
A: [ Youkoso Shikinejima e ]
D: What does that mean?
A: That means [ Welcome to Shikinejima! ]
D: So this is one of the beaches. How's the water? A: Kind of warm likes somebody peed.
D:That's gross. A: It's feels like somebody peed and
Because it is warm. D: I noticed there wasn't a bathroom very close to here. So where did you pee? A: In the water...
D: Oh, that is just gross.
A: I really did. D: You all peed together in the water? A: Yeah, at the same place and then we just ran away.
D: It's good you ran away at least.
A: And then somebody went there.
D: (laughs) Oh no.
D: They went in your pee spot?
A: Yep. They did
A: I'm gonna catch fish.
D: What did you catch? A: Nothing.
There's lots, like more than one hundred in the same place
D: One hundred what? Fish?
I think you caught sand.
A: I saw some fishes but they are so fast.
Shin: This is called red seaweed, and you can't eat them
And this is seaweed!
And seaweed is your good stuff
D: You can eat that one?
S: Yes, you can-- you can use it for ramen and stuff
A: This is a Crab, [ kani ]
D: Were you able to catch it?
A: Yeah we catched it. He's eating the sand.
D: Yeah. I don't know why they like the sand.
Did you build a home for your crab?
S: Yep!
He loves it!
And that is made of rocks
D: You think he'll stay in his home?
S: Yup, I think...
Oh he just get out...
D: Aiko's resting. Aiko what're you doing? She said 'looking at a whale.'
What you doing Aiko?
A: I'm just looking at the whale.
D: That's Niijima.
A: Nijima~
D: Yeah, very close
A: Yeah, it doesn't even take ten minutes.
I am eating my food, and I'm so sad. D: Why are you sad?
A: Because my eyes were hurting, there's lots of salt water
D: Oh yeah. Salt water. That's right. Okay. Let's see what's for dinner. Did you know all the different type of dishes?
A: No, I do not know.
D: Okay. I think there's a chicken mushroom dish and octopus.
That looks like an octopus right? A: Yeah. D: Okay. And then that is
Definitely a dead fish his eyes were kind of popping out. That's scary.
and then that's a croquette.
What's in croquette-- like potatoes... mashed.
and that's sashimi, some raw fish.
Yeah, and some radish. A: Radish.
D: And some rice and tea.
Did you like the meal?
A: Yeah. There's always..
fish and dinner and breakfast everyday
I heard that kids that are from
Shikinejima that goes to Niijima and then they need to go on the boat everyday.
If they didn't catch a boat, they can't go to school.
S: This is a beach!
D: Yes Shin, we are going to the beach
I think they're waiting for some fishes.
A: Yeah they are waiting for fishies.
Those clouds were so fast.
D: So what do you think when we first saw this place?
A: Eh...I thought it was Greece. And my mommy did too
And then, uhm...
Hawaii and Greece together. Hai-Greece-y.
D: Hai-Greec-y...
What do you think about the waves? A: It was so~ big.
So good, like surfing
And Shouko went 'kyaa'
Oh no this one is a big one!
Oh no, Shin.
D: So what did it feel like when the waves came?
A: Aaa...feels... Like... When it goes down it looks...
It feels like it's sucking me.
D: It's sucking you? Like it sucks you up?
A: Yeah. And look at Shin. Shin is get up--
Oh no.
Oh Shin, don't fall.
Oh Shin.
Shin just went into water.
We are in an Onsen.
D: And what's an Onsen?
A: It's a hot spring.
Hof spring? A: Hot. D: Oh hot spring. Okay. Yeah.
What are these broken stairs?
A: This is a old house. I don't know.
D: Look inside the wall
They just put cement in there. They just pretend that it's old.
It's not really old. They're liars.
A: Big. Liars.
D: And what are we doing over here?
A: We are... having fun, we're going back to Shikinejima.
D: And then... So we have to clean ourselves, right?
A: Yeah. D: So what is this?
A: This is the bathroom.
D: And what are those baskets for?
A: Putting your clothes in.
D: Yeah.
D: And then over here? A: You wash your body.
D: And this is an old one, right? A: Yeah, it's kinda old... D: And those your seats, and your buckets.
D: That's the bathtub. It looks like a sink kinda.
A: Yeah. Big, big sink.
I slept down on the floor.
This is our breakfast.
D: What is that lady doing on the poster over there?
A: It's not lady. It's a boy.
D: No that is a lady. Okay, let me zoom in... I'm gonna show you--
Hey, she's riding a fish with a knife in her mouth.
A: Oh no...Is that a fish in her mouth? D: No, no! It's a knife in her mouth.
Okay, so I'm gonna say it really fast. You got rice, got fish, got miso soup, got sausage, you got egg, you got some pickled stuff.
you got some fish cake, you got some oshinko which is more pickled stuff and some tea.
A: I look like I'm cool.
D: Yeah, you're too cool, too cool for school.
A: This is a little ferry boat.
D: Yeah, it looks like it's flying.
A: Yeah. It's-- Oh no--
D: Did you know it has jet engines? A: Nope. D: It sounds like a plane
A: Yeah...It does.
D: It goes back down the water, but it takes off and kind of floats above the water.
A: Oh! That's neat.
A: These guys are policemen.
D: What do you say when the video ends?
A: See you next time! Bye!
S: This is a beach.


Visiting Tokyo's Izu Islands

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