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For me, it's been kind of three years in the making.
First we talked about doing a logo. And then, all of a sudden, we're talking about the opening movie.
Alex is the mastermind behind this studio.
The Logan guys, they have the experience, they have that creative eye.
They've made a big name for themselves, making really cutting edge commercials and visual effects.
I've worked in a lot a places before to realize I want to do things a different way.
I still believe that you can do large commissions and big projects
without turning into a corporate shop.
You can stay relaxed about it.
We want people to have a great time being here, working with us, trying to make things great.
What we're doing here is pretty revolutionary, I think, in video games.
People just kind of give us this look because nobody's ever attempted this before.
It's basically a parody on American television, but with a little bit
of a darker edge because it's still set in the MGS4 world.
This is basically like a cool way of giving the player an idea what the world of MGS4 is like.
The task was to come up with an interpretation.
Each individual show is meant to be a completely different piece of content that
some futuristic, non-existent TV network would create.
On top of that, there's five different commercials for each PMC.
It’s just kind of a massive undertaking.
You have to pretend to be 20 different people that came up with these ideas.
It’s kind of like a schizophrenic exercise.
The first one I wrote was the cooking show.
We have the chef who's out of the ordinary.
He's not a friendly guy from the kitchen, but we have him cooking for the family.
He has a co-host named Rachel. She's taken aback by some of his gestures and the way he speaks.
This could be the first channel that comes up. So, when they look at this, we want that WTF moment.
But we also want them to be intrigued and want to keep watching.
We have been planning this movie sequence for a long time, you know, like one and a half years.
We're going to shoot the whole thing in six days. Only six days.
But you know, Team Logan is very, very talented so we trust them.
We were thinking of shooting on film, but because of the schedule, we decided to go with HD video.
RED seemed to be the way to go.
Now we've got these 4K resolution files, we're bypassing telecine,
we're able to control every part of the process.
There's a massive amount of clean-up work that needs to happen on green screen footage,
even live-action footage of a preying mantis. Plates, where we need to track it.
We need computer-generated elements that perfectly match
the perspective and the angle and the speed.
It’s really beautiful, the way that this opening project has come to be.
It’s been over a decade in the making.
It’s Ken, our producer, and Alex, the lead over at Logan...
Being art school friends, always promising each other that they're going to work together
At some point in the future.
And here we are, many, many years later and we need an opening movie for Metal Gear Solid 4.
And, we wanted something cutting-edge and pop-culture. That's what Logan's made for us.
Watching Alex deliver the final build and having Ken there and watching them load the final
files into the game was really cool to see.
It’s kind of nice to see that this friendship has lasted for so long
and they finally accomplished something that they promised to do such a long time ago.


Making of Metal Gear Solid 4 - Hello Logan

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