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  • From the moment you weren't even born,

  • your mother has carried you for nine months.

  • And she will always carry you,

  • be there for you and love you, forever.

  • As a kid,

  • she was always there for you.

  • To prepare your lunch,

  • to play with you,

  • to give a kiss on a place which hurts.

  • She helped you with

  • everything you couldn't do alone...

  • She was always there for you.

  • You might have had some discussions with her

  • when you were a teenager.

  • And don't like the things

  • she may have said to you.

  • But deep in your heart you know that she's right.

  • Your mother listened to you

  • when you need a shoulder to cry on.

  • She protects you,

  • and only wants the best for you.

  • Sometimes, we are so busy growing up, that we often forget

  • she is also getting older. And that's why you have to love your mother. And be thankful for

  • everything she has done for you.

  • Your mother is your mother, and no one can ever replace her. Dear mom, thank you and I love you... Happy Mother's Day !

From the moment you weren't even born,


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(❀ Happy Mother's day ❀ || stop motion for your mom ♥)

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