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  • Is this the Post Meg's It Future?

  • The duchess's first appearance since the royal bombshell landed.

  • Would you believe it just a week ago today?

  • Visiting a women's shelter in Vancouver, having afternoon tea?

  • Some habits don't die hard, it seems.

  • Meanwhile, in Bradford, Megan's brother and sister in law carried out their first official engagement together.

  • Since that statement from Sussex is focus briefly on them, but the spotlight still very much on making.

  • And But while there has been much deliberation behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace on just how Megan and Harry will disentangle themselves from the royal firm today outside on a different route involving Megan's own family on a personal, handwritten letter which she wrote to her father on the mail on Sunday, then published on the trial could be very messy.

  • Estranged from her father, Megan is suing the Mail on Sunday for, she says, misusing her private information, breaching her copyrights and, she claims selective editing.

  • Today it's emerged that her father, Thomas Marchal, could be called into the witness box at the High Court to testify against his daughter, and, according to his other daughter, her dad would be willing to appear that viewed by many as a lethal weapon in the case across 44 pages.

  • The mail On Sundays.

  • Lawyers defend the article in question, claiming the royal family, including the duchess, rely on publicity's about themselves and their lives in order to maintain the privileged positions they hold and promote themselves.

  • They say the duchess did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy, that the contents of the letter were private and would remain so.

  • They're evidence that it did no infringe her privacy.

  • They claimed.

  • The letter was immaculately copied in Megan's elaborate handwriting, arguing that the care she took over the presentation meant she anticipated it will be seen and read by a wider audience.

  • There is a distinct difference between what's in the public interest and what the public interested in on.

  • There actually is no specific statutory defense off in the public interest to copyright infringement.

  • So the mail on Sunday the newspapers are just hoping that publicity that they're going to generate from this legal action or this is going to sell lots of newspapers for them.

  • Speaking of which, even across the pond, a live radio check quickly moved on to Mexico on issues of privacy.

  • What are your feelings about Meg's it?

  • I'm rather on Harry side.

  • I have to say, huh?

  • I think, if you know the tabloid press effectively murdered his mother.

  • Now they're tearing his wife to pieces.

  • I think as a man, it's his job to protect his family.

  • So I'm I'm with him.

  • As for the question of Mr Marchal as star witness, we, perhaps, or a preview last year, after Megan's dad appeared on TV telling his side of the story, I'm a footnote and one of the greatest moments in history rather than the dad walking her down now.

  • But of course, being cross examined in the defense box would be an entirely different experience.

  • Although no less exposing for Megan, both sides could still settle out of court with no date yet set for the trial.

  • For now, though, there is the prospect of very personal courtroom battle involving a daughter and her dad.

Is this the Post Meg's It Future?


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メーガンの父親は 彼女に不利な証言をするのか? (Will Meghan’s father testify against her?)

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