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  • Wait, wait.

  • Way.

  • Rocha, You never see me till the broken.

  • It's just take me over.

  • Don't you know there's no No way Theo Key can't watch my brother.

  • So she thought it was a virus.

  • Wait, wait, wait!

  • I will, Huh?

  • I think we owe you another things on my own, but I can't seem Thio.

  • Wait, but wait.

  • What is he?

  • Our troubles Over.

  • Wait, wait, Wear home.

  • It is over.

  • Wait some somebody there is.

  • But someday somebody's gonna make you wait like magic.

  • So I never saw her face, but it fell to me living in a room with holding on dreams That way That isn't over this way.

  • Hey, J.

Wait, wait.


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A2 初級

Three SISTERSはAMAZINGなハーモニーでコーチたちを吹き飛ばしました。 (Three SISTERS blew away the Coaches with their AMAZING harmonies)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日