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  • It was a pesky problem.

  • Peter Piper not only picked a peck of pickled peppers, but he was also picky about his pecs.

  • You know those pectoral muscles in the chest, he said.

  • I picked pecks of pickled peppers all day long, but I can't seem to sculpt my lower chest.

  • I want that car from marble.

  • Look, you know an interesting challenge, but I had just the program he needed.

  • Of course, we had to get some BA fours and afters First.

  • We measured his lower chest 43 inches.

  • His upper and mid chest look fine, but yeah, a bit doughy in the lower part.

  • Then we got to carving.

  • We started with the flat, dumb Bell press.

  • Pete sat down on the bench, straighten his shoulders and lean back.

  • He brought the dumbbells above his torso and started pressing them over the middle of his chest.

  • Since he was a strong fella, I asked him to do 15 reps.

  • Then we did the dumb Bell fly.

  • We adjusted the decline bench, which is the best option for a person with strong shoulders, and Pete lay down on it.

  • He bent his elbows and brought the dumbbells up then back down.

  • I didn't let him lock his elbows, since it would have moved the pressure from the chest to other muscles.

  • We did 15 raps again.

  • Next was the incline.

  • Push up great for beginners eager to pump up their chests.

  • This exercise becomes less challenging with time because it gets too easy to lift her body weight.

  • But you can do what I did with Pete.

  • We used a suspension trainer Pete lowered the machine straps toe about knee high.

  • Then he got into a push up position and grab the straps.

  • His tailbone was aligned with the back of his head and his heels.

  • He lowered himself down and pressed back up.

  • We did 10 reps.

  • After one week, we saw his muscles become more defined.

  • The next exercise was the flat bench press.

  • People often make the mistake of Onley going for the decline.

  • Bench press Sure, this exercise does target your lower packs, so it should be a part of your training.

  • But if you want to round out your chest and really broke it up, do flat bench presses as well.

  • You just lie on the bench with both feet flat on the floor, bring it down to the middle of your chest and present back up until your arms are straight.

  • We also tried isolating the chest with a Pec deck fly.

  • Most of the movement in this exercise is done by applying pressure directly through the elbows.

  • I adjusted the seat so that Pete's upper arms were parallel to the floor.

  • He pushed his shoulder blades back, his lower back pressed against the path.

  • Then he brought his arms toward the center of his body, all the while contracting his chest muscles.

  • After that, the chest dip, this exercise almost entirely focuses on pumping up the lower chest, hopped on the bars and locked his elbows to support his weight on his arms.

  • While leaning forward, he slowly lowered his body.

  • He kept going down until his upper arms were parallel to the ground.

  • But as soon as he started getting too low, I stopped him.

  • This could overwhelm the shoulders and cause an injury.

  • He then went back up by squeezing his arms to activate the chest muscles.

  • The hex press is another mosque.

  • Pete lay down on a bench with a dumb bell in each hand and brought them to the middle of his chest.

  • Then he flexed his chest muscles, lifted the dumbbells straight up and brought them back down to the middle of his torso.

  • Besides all those, I also suggested he try a couple cable exercises, since they have a wider angle and provide more resistance.

  • No wonder when Pete try the following exercises, he felt even more pressure on his chest muscles.

  • We started with a bent forward cable crossover.

  • First, I adjusted the pulleys right above his shoulders, and he stepped one foot out in front of the other.

  • As Pete Ling forward, he brought his arms forward to toward the middle of his torso.

  • Then he went back to the starting position for better results.

  • He also crossed his arms at the wrist while keeping a slight bend in his elbows.

  • This exercise was more difficult, so it took a couple of weeks until we could add extra weight.

  • From there we did the decline cable, chest, press.

  • We move the cables to the lowest point of the cable.

  • Cross over a machine.

  • Pete lay down on a bench and brought both cables to the middle of his chest.

  • Then he pressed the handle straight up and flexed his chest muscles to extend his elbows.

  • His arms met where his upper abs started.

  • Besides those exercises, he also did some at home chest stretches.

  • Since Pete was prone to storing fat around the chest area, I knew it must be because he works at an office all day.

  • Sitting like that can make your chest get tighter and you're back weaker.

  • To fix this, I recommended to chest stretches every day for good posture.

  • Stand in front of an open door with your arms at a 90 degree angle and lean your body through the door frame.

  • And since Pete had a free outdoor workout area near his house, I recommended he hang from a pull up bar to get a nice chest and back stretch.

  • We did this routine four times a week for three months after the program was over, we measured his lower chest again, 48 a half inches, five and 1/2 inches more than at the very beginning.

  • As for his goal of looking like a marble sculpture, Well, what can I say?

  • Peter Piper now has some pretty perky pets.

  • Hey, if you learn something new today, Then give the video of life and share it with a friend.

  • And here are some other cool videos I think you'll enjoy.

  • Just click to the left or right, and remember, stay on the bright side of life.

It was a pesky problem.


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