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  • came across another grisly murder scene.

  • Wait walls covered in satanic symbols.

  • Another group of ritualistic murders in the lives of people Last night, following a heavy metal concert that local religious groups were protesting.

  • This is supposed to scare other people, ready for soldiers to say, Let's go to a night that we're going to remember for years to come here here Theo, Theo.

  • Evil That is.

  • Heavy metal rock music unwavering and its golden corrupt Our Children's souls.

  • Girls, be careful now.

  • There's a lot of these allowed here.

  • You don't think we can fend for ourselves?

  • Boys, Do you want to have a threesome with us?

  • How many more Children was Don Satan's name chills.

  • It is not too late.

  • Join me in this fight.

  • Venerate you Send them back to hell E.

  • I know you got Why are the police here?

came across another grisly murder scene.


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闇を召喚する 予告編 (2020) (WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS Trailer (2020))

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